Thursday, June 02, 2011

Anniversary Traditions

Our 1st Anniversary. Folly Beach.

This will only be our second wedding Anniversary, so we're still working on all our traditions.  (Although I'm sure y'all remember I'm big on tradition.  I love them!  Especially family traditions.)  Last year we celebrated our first wedding Anniversary by taking a little road trip to Charleston, South Carolina, one of our favorite cities.

Of course, I packed up the top tear of our wedding cake and hauled it all the way to Charleston for us to enjoy on our Anniversary night.  It was red velvet; and while it looked a little funky after being in the freezer for a year, it tasted delicious!  Even the skeptical Mr. D thought our cake tasted as wonderful as it did on our wedding day.  :)

Top tier of our wedding cake on our 1st Anniversary.

I also packed my feathery, red wedding shoes to wear to dinner on our Anniversary night.  It was wonderful to have those beauties back on my feet again for the first time since our wedding day.  And this year on our Anniversary I will pull them out of their box for the third time, dust them off and wear them to dinner.  Oh how I can't wait to have those delicate, fluffy, feathers and satin back on my feet.  It's our Anniversary tradition.  Last year I decided I would wear my favorite shoes, my wedding shoes, every year on our Anniversary.  (It's a very special day for Mr. D and I and the only day these shoes come out of their safe hiding place.)

My favorite shoes. :)

Ready for our Anni dinner. 

Our 1st Anniversary dinner at Magnolia in Charleston, SC.

We've also made it a point to keep in line with the traditional anniversary gift themes each year.  Our first Anniversary was "paper," and so we went to Charleston for a few days and when we got home we took our Anniversary/Trash the Dress pictures as a gift and to commemorate our first Anniversary.
This year the theme is "cotton" and I have a few ideas of what I am going to get Mr. D.

Do y'all have any fun Anniversary traditions?  Or perhaps your parents and grandparents?  I'm always looking for new ones.

Happy Thursday!  I'm so thankful the weekend is almost here.
Mrs. D

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I Love Love

In keeping up with my little love theme this week, I have some picture pretties I've been saving to share with all of you and today the time just seemed right.  So here you go.  Some fun, lovely pictures.  :)  I love love!

(Mr. D, it is true. I do love you more than blogs...and that's a lot!)

I hope you all have a LOVEly Wednesday! 
Mrs. D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Story of Us

Y'all don't know this, but next week Mr. D and I will officially celebrate our second year of marriage.  That's right!  I've been Mrs. D for {nearly} two years now and I'm the luckiest lady in the world to have him.
In honor of the Anniversary of our nuptials, I'm going to be posting all about love for the next week.  So, if y'all aren't in to that sorta thing you may want to ignore my posts for a few days.  'Cause I love love.  (And you should too!)

Mr. D and I met at Florida way back when.  He grew up with my girl (and college roomie), Kim.  One night Kim invited some of her high school friends to hang out with us...Mr. D and I met, talked, laughed (A LOT), we danced and screamed at the top of our lungs sung along to lots of country songs.  I asked him to accompany me to my sorority date function the next week where I quickly discovered he had the best personality of anyone I had ever met (and lets not forget how adorable he is!) and the rest is history.

We dated for about five years and then one February evening Mr. D asked me to marry him (but that's a whole other story which y'all have already heard).  So, without further ado, here are a few pics to take y'all down our 'lil courtship memory lane.  :)

Our 1st date.
Sorority Date Function to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

A few months into our courtship.
Did you know my man used to have long hair? Such a surfer boy.

There he is tearing up the waves.  :)

Our first Gator game together.

Our 1st Dating Anniversary at Disney World.

A couple years later with Kim at a concert for Mr. D's Birthday.
(We owe it all to her for inviting him to hang out with us all those years ago.)

We're on a boat.

Another Gator game day.  

Daytona for the races.

A couple months before the wedding.
(credit to my friend Karlin Connell.)

And now (if you're still reading) you know how it all began.  :)  Sorry for all my sappiness...sometimes I get carried away.  Looking at these pictures made me remember some fun memories and oh-my-wow we look like babies!  I don't remember looking so young, but I guess we did.  Haha.  Time flies when you're having fun!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend honoring all our soldiers and remembering your loved ones and spending quality time with the ones you still have the pleasure to see.  

Mrs. D