Friday, February 25, 2011

Virtual Vacation

As winter comes to a close and spring and summer are near....I start to think about vacations.  Ahhhhhh.  Vacation.  Sweet, sweet vacation.  I LOVE to travel!  It's hands down my favorite thing to do.  I love visiting new places and experiencing new things; as well as going back to some of my favorite towns (Ahem, Charleston!) again and again.  Sadly, I'm not sure how much room is going to be left in our budget this year for an actual "vacation." 

There's something so carefree, fun and relaxing about vacations.  Yet they are new, exciting and adventurous at the same time.  I have plenty of places on my "vacation wish list"......perhaps we shall take a virtual vacation together today.  Do any of these options pique your interest? 

Y'all pack your bags because we're going on a virtual vacation!  :)

Viva Las Vegas!
(can you believe I've never been?)

Let's hear it for New York (City)!
These streets will make you feel brand new!
Big lights will inspire you!
(Can you believe Mr. D has never been?)

The New England area.
Ahhhh.Life on the cape.Riding bikes on the vineyard.Clam bakes.

Perhaps Passport travel is more your style?  I definitely have the itch to do some traveling's been FAR too long!  And, Mr. D has never been across the pond.  I would love to take him.  He would love all the history!  

Mind the gap.Parliament.Buckingham Palace.Prince William.

Bonjour Paris?  Oui!!!
The romance.Le Tour De Eiffel.The shopping.The chocolate croissants! Mmmm.

Venice is on my must see list!

So is Rome.

Maybe a day or so in Madrid?

Or Barcelona?  The Gaudi architecture is to die for!!!
I certainly fell in love with this city. 

We definitely need to make a pit stop in Ireland.
Another one on my must see list.

If I had to go to one place right this second I would probably pick Greece.

I've never been to Greece.  I am dying to go.
Isn't this beautiful?

The color. The hills. The clear water. 
I love it all!
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So what do y'all think?  Where would you want to go if you could jet off today on an all expenses paid trip?
Anyone have any big plans this weekend?  (If you tell me you're leaving for one of the places mentioned above I will be green with envy.)

Mrs. D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cardigan: Cool. Manigan: Cooler.

Cardigans...not just for the lady in your life.  Cardigans have been all over men's fashion lately and I'm really digging it!  Of course, I love cardigans and consider them a staple in my preptastic wardrobe...but recently I'm loving them even more when worn by a man. 

Now before any men readers start raiding your ladies closet...keep in mind there are rules to wearing a cardigan, or in this case a "manigan."  You must keep it classic and cool.  You want to look less "old man college professor" and MORE "I just got done playing ivy league rugby." You can take the classic approach to the manigan by adding your favorite oxford and (bow)tie....or the cool approach by sporting your manigan with a t-shirt and 5:00 shadow. 

Here are a few men you may recognize showing off their great manigan style.

Mmmm....Mr. Beckham!

And again.

J Timberlake & John Krasinski.

My favorite funny man, Joel McHale.

Matthew Morrison.

UR-sher is in on the trend.

Zac Efron.

Even the rappers are making this trend their own.
While not my favorite looks, here are P Did, Swizz & Jay-Z.

My man, Mr. D.

My favorite look is definitely the oxford and tie meet manigan:
I think I pulled this photo from an old Lands End advertisement....but I don't remember because this image has been laying around in an inspiration folder of mine for ages.  (If you recognize it please let me know so I can give credit.)

I'll also let you in on a little secret.  The best article of clothing to snuggle up in?  A manigan.  Bonus point if it's already been worn by your man and smells like him.  :) 

So what do y'all think?  Is this a style you'd like to see on your man?  Or do you prefer to keep the cardigans on your side of the closet?  

Mrs. D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Summer, Where Are You?

I feel like summer and I are playing a mean game of hide and seek...and unfortunately I'm the seeker. 
What is up with this weather?  Where did our sunshine go?  Just last week I was ready to pull out my spring wardrobe.....and then yesterday while I was at lunch there were snow flurries coming down.  Really?  Snow flurries?  AHHHHHH!

I miss the feeling of the warm sun on my skin, days lounging by the pool, evenings on the patio laughing with friends, riding our bicycles around town, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sweet taste of sippin' on a john daily, watching the lightning bugs light up the backyard on a warm summer night, playing in the waves at the beach, watching the sunset over the water and hoping to see the "green flash", wearing sundresses and cute skirts.......le sigh......

I really could go on and on.  Until summer is actually here I'm just going to stare at these pretty summer images and keep dreaming.

All images above via

Are y'all looking forward to summer as much as I am?  Any big summer plans?  Hope it's warm where you are...and if not, stay warm dreams of summer.  :)

Mrs. D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our (Belated) Valentine's Day

You may remember me mentioning here that Mr. D and I were waiting until this past weekend to celebrate our Valentine's Day.  While our day was sweet and simple, it was definitely worth the wait!  Mr. D surprised me with a gift certificate to get a massage and nothing could have made me happier.  I had a few surprises up my sleeve for him too...

His favorite drinks waiting in the fridge for him.

The Valentine I made him.  Mr. D Makes My Heart Go...


I surprised him with sugar cookies & frosting - his favorite & one of my specialties!

Saturday night we used a gift card we had saved to enjoy a nice dinner at Malone's.  It was so yummy and I've already devoured my leftovers.  :)  Mr. D was very excited to wear one of his new ascot's to dinner Saturday night.  Ascot's were at the top of his Christmas list last year and this was his first chance to wear one...he's decided he's bringing them back.  Look out men's fashion, Mr. D has decided to mix things up.

Mr. D modeling his ascot.

The two of us ready to leave for dinner.  :)

It was definitely a nice and relaxing evening for the two of us.  I'm glad we waited until the weekend after to made it more fun and gave us something to look forward to. 
Hope y'all had a lovely weekend! 

Mrs. D