Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Today is the day I must come clean and admit the truth.  After all, what would this blog be if I wasn't truthful with my readers.  The truth Birthday is my favorite holiday.  And don't y'all go telling me it's not a holiday, because it most certainly is.  At least to me.  In my world, my Birthday is a holiday...and it just so happens to be my most favorite of them all.  :)

Ever since I was a wee tot I've always loved my Birthday and look forward to the May day all.year.long.
Well, it's just about a month away now and I've recently found a few items I would like to add to my Birthday list this year.

My Birthday Wish List:
This new ride!
Can't you just see Mr. D driving me & my gal pals around in this fly ride? Love it!
Perfect for summer too!

This vacation home!
Would love to have a nice place to slip off to on long weekends. Y'all can come too! 
The 2nd story water slide is a must have.

One of everything Kate Spade, please!
How perfect it would be to have a never ending closet full of KS.

Y'all think you can make it happen?  Okay, great!  :)  

Happy Friday, darlings! 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see a few of you at Keeneland.

Mrs. D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kate Spade Is My Home Girl!

Kate Spade is definitely my go to designer for all things fun and fabulous.  Anytime I need a new party dress, pair of shoes, handbag or cute gift for a first stop is Kate Spade to see if my home girl can hook me up.  She never disappoints or lets me down.  Kate is my crack and I most definitely am addicted. 

Last weekend was the big Kate Spade Friends and Family sale and all items were an additional 25% off (not to mention the free shipping - I'm a sucker for free shipping).  Unfortunately, Mr. D and I live by a strict Dave Ramsey budget.  However, as soon as I saw the Kate Spade email waiting pleasantly in my inbox I remembered I had been hording all my "clothing fund" money in one envelope for the last 4+ months.  WAHOO!  I had just enough money in my envelope to purchase a new dress and pair of shoes I had been stalking for quite some time.

My new dress...
Perfect for a casual party or I can style it up for a day at Keeneland.

My new shoes...

I am obsessed with my new shoes. Perfect for summer & oh-so-fun!
They are ready to wear for Kentucky games, or I can add an orange dress & they will be perfect for Gator games too. 

Now, if only I could convince the weather to change for Keeneland this weekend so I can wear my new items.  If not, I will just have to save them for next weekend.  :) 

Kate Spade is my home girl.  Is she your home girl too? 
Who are your favorite designers? 

Mrs. D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Currently listening to:
I'm sure y'all know how much I luuuuuuve my fellow namesake by now.  :)  I bought her new album a little over a week ago and I must admit I've been listening to it on repeat ever since.  My favorite tracks are Till The World Ends (track 1 - her new single), I Wanna Go (track 4), How I Roll (track 5) and Gasoline (track 11).  These songs are great fun and a blast to sing and dance to...especially when you have a car full of friends jamming along with you. 

I love Britney!  Will you hold it against me?  (pun intended)

Currently Watching:

I'm finally getting caught up on the last season of Mad Men.  I like to watch all my favorite shows after the season is over when I can watch multiple episodes back-to-back.  Yes.  I'm annoying like that.  It also makes the delay of waiting for the next season a lot easier to deal with. 

Currently Reading:

I recently downloaded Wench on my kindle and I'm oh so excited to get lost in April's Book Club selection.

Happy Hump Day, y'all! 

Mrs. D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Keeneland: A Recap in Photos

This past weekend was an absolute blast!  Everyone was at Keeneland enjoying the beautiful spring weather, the races and looking oh-so-chic!  :)  Here are a few fun photos from the weekend with some of my favorites.  :) 
(yes, i know i have my sunnies on in every photo....but it was impossibly bright and you couldn't see a thing without them...)

.....and then we came home from Keeneland Sunday and had a mini-last minute-cookout at our place.  Of course, I baked a cake! (HA! What else would you expect from me?)

Cake was goooooooood.

Hope your weekend was spectacular! 

Mrs. D