Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Kate!

Like every other female around the world, I too am obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge.  I was instantly fascinated by Catherine Middleton in 2005 when she first emerged on the scene and became widely known as William's gorgeous girlfriend.  When they broke up for a few months in 2007 I was heartbroken.  Lucky for me the breakup didn't last long and soon William and Kate were seen traveling all over the world together again. 

My obsession has gone to a ridiculous level ever since last year when the two announced they were finally engaged.  I was so excited you would've thought I had that gorgeous ring on my finger.  Kate does no wrong in my world.  She always looks so clean, chic and polished.  I love her style and often find myself wanting every piece of clothing, shoe and accessory we see her photographed in.  She makes royal life look and seem so "normal."

When I say I love everything Kate wears, I really mean it.  I love her classic style, elegance and grace.  She even makes a cowboy hat look chic and gorgeous.  It's true.  I want one too.  I pointed to these very pictures of the Duke and Duchess at the Calgary Stampede while we were in line at the grocery the other night and told Mr. D "I need one of those."  I think he agreed and said he does too. 

(Side note: William definitely looks better in a hat.)

So what do you think of Kate's cowgirl chic?  I love it!   

Mrs. D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

One month & one day ago, Kim & Joe tied the knot! 
It was a gorgeous Palm Beach wedding.  The Bride was stunning (to say the least).  The Groom was dashing.  Everyone was smiling.  A few shed happy tears.  The band was rockin'.  And the reception was one big awesome party! 

Goin' to the Chapel!  :)

There was no place I would have rather been and I was honored to be standing next to one of my favorite people on her big day.  Kim is often talked about on this blog; however, one thing y'all probably aren't aware of is Kim is the one responsible for introducing me to my handsome Groom, Mr. D.  That's right.  We owe it all to Kim!  I could go on and on about what an amazing friend Kim is to me and how I know she will be an incredible wife to Joe, but I will spare y'all the mushy details and instead share some of my favorite photos from the event.  (By the way, I want you all to know I managed to make it all the way through my toast without bursting into hysterical tears.  Quite an accomplishment for me.)

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you Kim & Joe's Wedding!
(I'm aware these are a ton of photos, but considering I took over 1,000 that weekend, this is nothing!)
The Dress.

Our gorgeous Bride.

Clearly, we were in our own world.  Typical.

My date.  Mr. D!

With the other Mr. & Mrs. D & our Bride.

Delta Love Forever!

(Let me take this time to point out Kim's rockin' Bridal body!)

First Dance.


The beautiful cake.

Hahahaha!  I love it!

The Husbands.

Dancing with Grand Daddy.  Precious!

LOVE this photo of the exit!

Awwww.  This one makes me so happy.

Mr. D & Kim doing "the Bernie."

BAHAHA!  We're a match made in heaven.  SO typical!

BB King's After party.

It was a perfect night & we will all live Happily Ever After.  The End.

Happy One Month Anniversary to my Gator roomie (always!) and my favorite 'dawg!!!  :) 
We hope the rest of your lives are ever more wonderful than your first month of newlywed bliss!

Mrs. D

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fabulous Fall TV; Ready, Set, TiVo!

There are two shows I can't wait to watch this fall.  The Playboy Club on NBC and Pan Am on ABC.  I love all things vintage!  My parents used to swear I was "born in the wrong era" when I was a kid.  I always preferred to watch old movies and classic TV...and the fashion of these era's was even better.

I can't decide which show I'm more looking forward to.  Both look super awesome and totally made for me.  I couldn't be more excited for fall TV this year!

Can't wait to see all the scandals go down on this new prime time show.
Watch a preview of Playboy Club here:

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci.  
I think she will make the perfect Pan Am stewardess.  
Click here to watch a preview of Pan Am:

Any shows in the fall lineup you're excited about?  I'm not sure about you but my Tivo is set and ready!
(We all know I'm obsessed with Mad Men, which won't be back until Feb 2012.  I'll need something to fill in until then.)

Mrs. D