Friday, January 14, 2011

Hungry For More Hunger Games

Do y'all like to read?  If so, have you checked out the Hunger Games yet?  Talk about a page turner!  (or three!)

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Last fall I was looking for some book recommendations and I kept hearing the same thing over and over...The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay.  I had never heard of these best selling books and it surprised me to feel so out of touch with the literary world.  I quickly went to Amazon to check out the synopsis of this three book series by Suzanne Collins.  As soon as I saw the books were classified as SciFi I immediately told myself absolutely not.  My exact thoughts were "SciFi?  I've never been a science fiction reader and I'm not about to start now."

However, over the next few days more and more people kept recommending these three books.  They told me how they were instantly sucked in to the first book and could not stop reading until they finished the series.  I decided to give The Hunger Games a try and remember thinking "with this many recommendations this book had better be amazing."  Amazing is an understatement.  These three books are the best books I've read in years

Yesterday afternoon I finished Mocking Jay, the final book in the trilogy, with a tear.  It was bittersweet for me because I was excited to see what the end held for my favorite characters but I wasn't ready for it all to be over.  In my opinion these books are not any more science fiction than Harry Potter and I believe this is why so many non-scifi readers have loved them.  From the first chapter of Hunger Games to the last word of Mocking Jay I could not stop reading...and I didn't want to. 

I'm not going to give you a synopsis of the books because that is not what this blog is for.  Instead, I'm going to tell you to do yourself a favor and go immediately to your nearest bookstore and purchase Hunger Games (or download it to your Kindle).  They are great stories and I have a strong hunch they will definitely make it to the big screen. 

I am now in Hunger Games withdrawal.  Have any of you read these books?  What did you think?  Did you love them as much as I did? 

Mrs. D

Click Here to read the Wikipedia synopsis of The Hunger Games.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oops! She Did It Again!

Britney Spears is back at the top of the charts with her new single Hold It Against Me and I am celebrating like it's my own chart topping single.  Have y'all heard her new song yet?  I am loving it!  (Then again, I don't think there's a BritBrit song I've ever maybe I'm a little biased...?)

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I've already purchased the new hit from iTunes, where it is currently the #1 single, and you can bet I'll be lining up to buy her new album the day it goes on sale. 
Yes, I am a 28 year old Britney Spears lover!  You can make fun of me or judge me all you want...I don't care.  I love Britney! 

At the 2009 Circus Tour. 

I'm hoping there will be another tour with this new album because I'm ready to see her in concert again!  In March of 2009 I drug Mr. D all the way to Tampa to see my gal on her comeback tour and it was amazing!  Mr. D was a good sport about it all and even bought his "beverage" in the souvenir Britney Spears Circus cup.  :)  What a great guy! 

I told Mr. D to be more excited at the Circus concert!
So he started singing with me & waving his arms.

"All eyes on Brit in the center of the ring just like a Circus!"

We had great seats and I loved the show SO much!

To me, Britney Spears is like the Marilyn Monroe of our generation.  They found her, changed her to be who "they" wanted her to be, built her up and put her on a throne...only to tear her down.  I love how she's emerged from the mess, tried to put her personal life back together and move on with her career.  I will continue to be a fan and will definitely be rockin' out in the car to Hold It Against Me.  The song makes me ready for Spring Break with my girlfriends...if only the "real world" offered Spring Break. 

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Oops!  She did it again!  And I couldn't be happier!!!  :)

Mrs. D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post Note: A Night at Rupp

A few moments ago my Dad sent me this photo from a recap of the game last night.  I quick emailed it over to Mr. D with a note saying "BOOM!  I have arrived!"   :) 

So there I am.  In all my blurred glory.  I guess this is my 15 minutes 15 seconds of fame.  I'll take it!  Hahaha.

Mrs. D

A Night at Rupp

Not only is the SEC King of College Football....but it's also the King of College Basketball.  Last night Mr. D and I spent the evening at Rupp Arena cheering the Wildcats to a victory over Auburn. 

You know I made Mr. D get me some popcorn!  Nom.Nom.Nom.

Our typical self portrait.

Watching the warm up - GO CATS!

Oooooo. C-A-T-S! Cats! Cats! CATS!!!

BOOM!  3 points for Jones. 

And later in the game...Jones sets a new freshman record with 35 points!

I always love this matter how many times I've seen it.

And finally...with a minute left...Coach Cal put Polson in. 
The crowd went wild and we did too!  Love him!

Auburn looked pretty sloppy last night...I guess they stayed up too late the night before cheering on their football team. 
It was a great night for the Cats and we won 78-54.   Who's ready for Saturday?  LSU doesn't stand a chance! 

Mrs. D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

South Eastern Conference: Kings of College Football!

To quote the San Fransisco Chronicle this morning: "There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and the SEC winning BCS title games."

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Congratulations to the South Eastern Conference and Auburn Football fans for bringing home another National Championship last night.  Looks like the SEC has ALL the bragging rights for the 5th year in a row! 

Burns & teammates celebrate after the 22-19 victory.
(image credit: San Fransisco Chronicle)

Do I wish this national title was courtesy of my Florida Gators?  You betcha!  Butttt one amazing thing about the SEC is when it comes down to it we can put our rivalries aside (for the day), unite and cheer our conference on to a victory.  This was Auburn's first national football title in 53 years and was well deserved.  The 2010 college football season hasn't been over 24 hours and I'm already counting down until the fall 2011 season kicks off.  C'mon SEC, lets make it a 6-peat!!! 

2007: Florida Gators!
2008: LSU
2009: Florida Gators!
2010: Alabama
2011: Auburn
2012: ???

Mr. D & I at the 2009 BCS National Championship game.

The only thing about last nights game I couldn't understand?  What was up with those neon heinous socks the Oregon Ducks were wearing?  They reminded me of tennis balls and were slightly blinding to view without sunglasses.   

Did y'all watch the game last night?  Were you cheering on the SEC as loud as our house was? 

Mrs. D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hotlanta Saturday Night!

me, kim & dana :)

After we left Howey in the Hills Saturday afternoon Mr. D and I were fortunate enough to stop in Atlanta and see our friends for the evening.  Lucky for me my two best friends live half way between Clearwater and Lexington and it makes a perfect stopping point during our travels.  (backstory: Kim, Dana and I go waaaaaaaayyyyyy back to our sorority days at Florida and have been inseparable ever since.  The only downer is now we're all grownups living in different places and don't get to see each other as often as we prefer.)

Kim, thanks for being a gracious hostess & always letting us stay at your place!

Mr. D and I made it to ATL just in time for dinner and a little Saturday night fun.  :)  We had dinner reservations at a hibachi grill and then headed out to the Highland Tap for a bit.

The newlyweds!  Danny & Dana.

Next up on the wedding circuit! Joe & Kim.

Love my Mr!

Danny & Mr. D at Highland Tap.

Sunday morning we had just enough time to grab a little breakfast from Rise and Dine before Mr. D and I hit the road.

Rise 'n Dine for breakfast.

We left sunny Florida for a lot of cold and snow.

The weekend was a fun time with some of my favorite people!  The only thing missing?  The rest of our ladies and a few more days together.

Hope your weekend was swell, friends!

Mrs. D

Again, sorry about my picture quality.  I had the iPhone handy this weekend and not my camera.  :(