Saturday, January 08, 2011

Home Away From Home

This past week Mr. D and I have been in Florida.  Let me just tell you how amazing it's been and how much I've missed this place!  We've been visiting with our local friends and hitting up all our favorite eateries.  If only my Sister Puffin were here to enjoy all this fun with us...then it would be perfect! 

My dinner at Tijuana Flats.  Nom.Nom.

As soon as we rolled into town on Sunday night I insisted we eat at my most favorite place, Tijuana Flats.  It's kinda like Moe's or Chipotle....except much, much, much better!  If you're ever near a Tijuana Flats do yourself a favor and go eat there! 
(The TJ's in Gainesville always had $1 drafts for happy hour.  Who can beat that?) 

Lou & Mr. D at House of Beer

Monday we got to catch up with our best friend, Lou.  (Back story: Lou and I have been best friends for ten years now and I promise you he makes my life a better one.  I met Lou in 2001 when the two of us were studying abroad at Cambridge University in England and we've been BFF ever since.  Mr. D and I are so blessed to have a guy like him in our life.)  We all went out for dinner and drinks and it ended up being a later night than I expected.  That's what happens when you're hanging out with Lou.  Time just flies by!


The rest of the week was spent pretty much the same way...after work we would go out for dinner and drinks with Lou.  :)  The 3 of us would laugh and laugh and I'm sure the other patrons thought we were a little bit loud craycray...but we didn't care.  We were reunited and so happy! 

"To know us is to love us!"  Haha.

Mr. D showing off the awesome alligator bourbon glasses Lou gave us for Christmas!
They are perfect!  (Lou is too generous and knows us well!)

Enjoying a sundae from my most favorite dessert shop!
(Okay so maybe I enjoyed these a couple nights while we were in town...but I had to have one for my Sister Puffin too...didn't want to disappoint her!) 

This weekend we are off to Howey in the Hills, FL (yes, this is a real place) to visit Mr. D's parents.  Let me just tell y'all...when it comes to family I thank my lucky stars every day.  Not only is my family absolutely incredible...but my in laws are amazing too!  I have always loved spending time with Mr. D's family and his parents are just the most adorable couple ever.

Mr. D and his Dad in front of their new home on New Years Eve 2010.
(Look at the Herb hammin' it up for the camera. No question where Mr. D gets it from!)

What about you?  Any big plans for today or tomorrow? 
I hope your week has been nothing short of fabulous! 

Mrs. D

Please excuse the look of all these photos.  They were taken on my iPhone - I know the quality is lacking.  

Friday, January 07, 2011

Just When I Think I Can't Be Any More In Love...

Just when I think I can’t be any more in love with Timmy Tebow….I watch the ESPN documentary Tim Tebow: Everything In Between last night.  WOWZA!  The boy is hotttttttttttttttttt!  Lets forget for a moment his amazing athletic ability, his strong Christian faith and values, his Heisman award, his National Championship rings (yes, RINGS…as in plural), his record breaking career with the Florida Gators, his pledge, the lofty paycheck he received for signing first round with the Denver Broncos…..lets forget all of this for a moment and just ogle this fine specimen of a man. 

If you’re still reading I highly recommend you check out the ESPN documentary Tim Tebow: Everything In Between when it airs again.  Click here to watch a trailer for the documentary. 
I mean, can you not like him?  Who cares what college team or NFL team you cheer for...who cares if you're a male or a could not like this guy and want to cheer him on!!! 
If you ask me, the world needs MORE TIM TEBOW's and fewer Terrell Owens.   

And remember...

Mrs. D
(Mr. D is lucky he scooped me up when he did...otherwise I might be Mrs. T!  Haha.)

Credit: First 7 images to GQ magazine.  If you would like to read the Sept 2009 article (and I highly recommend you do) Does God Have a Tim Tebow Complex please click here. 

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wanted: Hunter Wellies

I have been lusting after a pair of Hunter brand wellies for quite some time.  I've waited and waited and it's finally time for me to pull the trigger and order my pretties.  However, this presents a minor huge problem because I can't decide on a boot style/color to save my life. 
Do I go with the original style tall wellies?  Or the fun, new wedge style? 
I love the functionality of the original style...but the wedge has a dressy look I love.  I just worry the wedge heel won't be as practical...

Original tall vs. wedge heel....? 

And then....what color?  How can I choose one color when they're all so awesome! 
I love the bright, shiny red ones...they seem to say "Hello, I'm fun!"  But I also love the look of classic and chic black, navy and chocolate brown. 

Hello, I'm fun! 

See my dilemma? 
I plan to order my Hunter wellies from Nordstrom's so I can use my EBates and earn some money back.  :) 
Of course, I won't forget any of the cute Hunter wellie socks!  Both the cable knit sock and the grizzly sock are on my list. 

Cable Knit Sock.

Grizzly Sock.

Do any of you have Hunter wellies?  Do you like them?  Any advice for me?  What style and color would you recommend???  Please help.

Mrs. D

Queen Elizabeth in her Hunter wellies.
If they're good enough for the Queen of England...they're good enough for me!

(All images courtesy of Google.) 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How We Rang In the New Year

Yes I realize this post is a few days late; however, I had to get my blog up and running before I could post.

Mr. D and I recently traveled to Florida to ring in the New Year and attend a dear friend’s wedding on New Year’s Day. 
On New Year’s Eve we made plans to meet up with Danielle and Coach.  The four of us had a lovely time and enjoyed a great dinner at Bistro Aix in Jacksonville.  Let me just tell y’all…Danielle and Coach are too cute!  Mr. D and I could not have had a better time.  I love meeting real life blogger friends.  :) 

Danielle & I on New Years Eve.
Ready to ring in the new year.

On New Years Day the four of us were all guests at the same wedding.  Small world, right?  Jeremy and Megan got married in Jacksonville and everything was beautiful!  We have known Jeremy for years and he is an old college friend from our days at Florida (GO GATORS!). 
Big Congrats to Jeremy & Megan!  Wishing you nothing but happy days in your future together! 

Mr. D & I at the wedding.

With the beautiful Bride & Groom.

With our new friends, Danielle & Coach.
(Mr. D calls them our "IRL" friends...he's a dork like that.)

Seeeee....isn't she adorable?

Gorgeous cake.

The Bride & Groom were so happy it was contagious.

Danielle was right...our guys got along great!

It was a great weekend in Jacksonville and I can't think of better people to have spent our New Year's with.  I'm so happy I was finally able to meet Danielle and Mr. D and I are looking forward to a visit from Danielle and Coach in March.  :) 

How did y'all spend your New Year?  Any special traditions? 

Cheers to you & yours! 
Best Wishes in 2011,
Mrs. D

Why Home Is Where The Hart Is.....and The Cast.

Why Home Is Where the Hart Is some of you may ask?  For as long as I can remember the age old saying "home is where the heart is" has been drilled into my lil southern head.  I never really appreciated and fully understood those words until I got older and felt the heartache of being away from "home."  Then I realized home truly is where my heart is. 
"Home" changed a little bit for me in summer 2009 when I married my best friend and we moved into our home together.


The Cast

Me!  Mrs. D

My bestest friend, Mr. D
He makes my heart smile.  :)
Our perfect pooch, McGruff
He's a dappled mini dachshund and the best snuggler I've ever met! I've formally introduced all of us to all of you.  :)  Don't be a stranger! 
Y'all come back now!  Ya hear? 

Photo credit to the oh so talented Melissa Schollaert for the first 3 photos in this blog entry.  Seriously y'all...if you ever need a photographer she's your gal! 
I can not say enough wonderful things about her.  

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year New Blogger

(Takes Deep Breath)  Here goes nothing!  My very first blog post.  Ever. 
I became addicted to blog reading early in 2008.  It all started when I stumbled upon amazing women like Ree and Stephanie .  My daily blog reading quickly became an obsession when I got engaged in February of 2008 and discovered all the incredible wedding blogs.  Every night I would curl up in bed with my trusty laptop and read, read, read.  Blog after blog.  Jumping from one to another.  When I found one I loved I quickly saved it to my "favorites" and added it to my daily reading list.  That is how it all began.

Now, here I am.  Three years later.  For three years I have wanted to begin blogging but I always come up with an excuse.  "I don't have time."  "I have nothing to write about."  "No one will read it."  "I'm scared."  "I don't know how to blog."  The list was endless and full of excuses.  Well, I still don't have time...but I've decided it's a new year and I'm going to give it a go.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...but hopefully y'all will help me figure it out along the way.  (If not, I'm sure my lovely friend can teach me anything I need to know.)

So...this is the beginning. 

Mrs. D