Friday, February 18, 2011

Stovetop Chicken Pot Pie

You may remember one of my goals for 2011 is to make a new dish at least once a month.  I haven't forgotten this and lately I've found myself trying lots of new dishes and recipes.  Mr. D has been lovin' it and hasn't complained about a single thing I've made.  In fact, he usually wants seconds and will pack left overs in his lunch the next day.  Can we say progress?  (Not to mention eating at home is better for the budget.)

In the current issue of Southern Living, one of my favorite magazines, I found a recipe for Stovetop Chicken Pot Pie.  I loooove chicken pot pie so I was very excited to see this.  I glanced at the recipe and it didn't appear too advanced, so off I headed to Kroger to pick up a few extra ingredients. 

Just a few of the ingredients.

The onions & mushrooms as they sauteed. 

Almost finished.
(Mr. D says it looks like throw up in the does not taste like throw up.  I promise.)

I added a few extra ingredients to my stew because I wanted it to have more substance.  I added both carrots and potatoes and next time I think I will add even more.  Also, the carrots helped give it some color, which I liked.  

While I was upstairs cooking up a storm, Mr. D was down in the basement on his exercise bike.  He's prepping for Tour De France this summer.  (Not really...but it sounds impressive, right?)  When he walked up stairs he kept going on and on about how great everything smelled.  While the stew for the pot pie may look like throw up when it's sitting in the smells and tastes delicious!  Mmmmmmm.

The finished product. Mr. D gave it two thumbs up!

I am definitely inexperienced in the kitchen and this recipe was not only easy-peasy, but delicious!  You want to impress your family/husband/friends?  Make this one!  Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it!!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and definitely let me know if you end up trying out this recipe. 

Mrs. D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Respect & Tradition

Tuesday night my Nanny (this is what I call my Dad's Mom) and I went to cheer on the Cats as they faced off against Mississippi State. 

When it was time for the National Anthem and presentation of the colors I stood up and did what I always do...I put my hand to my heart and looked at our flag.  Honoring our country, and respecting everything our anthem and colors represent.  After many years this is habit and what any other US citizen would/should do.  As I glanced around toward then end of the song I couldn't help but notice a few men still wearing their hats. 

I was very taken aback by this.  Did they not know what was going on?  Did they miss the memo?  Forget they were wearing a hat?  Although, if this was the case why did their family/friends not remind them...?  Was it because they were never taught it's respectful to remove your hat during the singing of the National Anthem and presenting of our colors?  Or was it because they simply did not care?  WHAT was going on here? 

Now don't get me wrong....95% percent of people in Rupp Arena were doing what you are supposed to was just that other 5% who really surprised me.  I would like to think those wearing their hats during this time simply just forgot they had one on to begin with.  However, even as a lady I still remove my hat during the singing of the National Anthem.  I do this out of respect for my country and those who have fought, or are currently fighting for, my freedom. 

Maybe it's because I'm extremely patriotic (side note: I love our flag.  I love all patriotic songs.  Some times those songs actually make me tear up because I am so proud to be from our country.).  Maybe it's because I still believe in (what most people consider to be out dated) values, traditions and respect.  Maybe it's because I was raised in the south.  I don't know the exact reason for this; however, I am highly offended when people - men in particular - do not remove their hats during the singing of our national anthem. 

I also prefer for men to remove their hats during dinner as well; whether it's at a restaurant or at home around your own table.  You do this out of respect.  (Mr. D would probably disagree with me on the hats and dinner thing.  What can I say?  The boy was raised in south Florida and not the good 'ole south.)

I not only respect our country.  I also respect tradition.  I am BIG on tradition.  For me, it doesn't matter if it's a national tradition, college tradition or family tradition.  If it's tradition...well, that's just how it is.  I love old traditions and some of my favorites over the years are college traditions (especially those at Florida and Kentucky).  When I heard about what happened to Toomer's Corner at Auburn University I was immediately saddened. 

Not only do I fully support tradition...but I also fully support the South Eastern Conference and it's competitors.  The SEC sticks together!  While we are inner conference rivals, we always put this aside by rooting for our conference in tournaments, championships and out of conference games.  These are the rules of the SEC.  These rules are TRADITION.  Another rule?  We respect one another's traditions!  While it may be different from the tradition at our university, we can still respect yours.  You may not know all the words to "We are the Boys" like I do...or understand why we sing it...but you better respect it (just like I respect hearing Rocky Top a bazillion and one times when we play Tennessee). 

Shame on the person who did this to Toomer's!  These rules and traditions are part of what makes the SEC the best conference!  You don't like the rules?  You don't like the traditions?  Then get out of our conference!  Go join the Big Ten. 

How do y'all feel about all this?  Am I completely old school to think hats should be removed during our National Anthem and at dinner?  What about Toomer's?  Were you as enraged as I was? 

Mrs. D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goodbye Old Faithful

Can you REALLY wear out a DVD?  Well, if you can...I have done it.  I know I've joked about this before, but I didn't really think it could happen.  Now what am I going to do? 

If you know anything at all about me, you know I have a pathetic, sad, disturbing obsession with the movie Father Of The Bride (FotB).  Yet to me, my love for the movie is not pathetic, sad, disturbing or obsessive.  To me, the movie is like a faithful friend always there to pick up the pieces when I've had a rough day.  It's like wearing your favorite, most comfortable, worn-in pair of blue jeans.  You know the pair you just can't seem to throw away no matter how many holes they have.  It's the secure feeling of being inside your lovers arms.  The place you feel safest in the world because you know as long as you're in those arms nothing can hurt you.

Well, my Father Of The Bride security blanket is gone.  Last night when it was time for bed I grabbed McGruff and put our (yes, it's McGruff's favorite movie too) favorite movie in the DVD player to watch all.night.long. on repeat as we drifted off to sleep.  This is when the unimaginable happened. 

We were just a few minutes in.  Right around the part where Annie exclaims "I met a man in Rome.  He's American...and we started seeing one another.  And, well...we fell in love...."  You know the part where she tells her parents "the news."  This is when it happened.  This is when my beloved DVD completely froze up and stopped working.  I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the disc to un-freeze and start playing again like it always will.  Like it has for years.  It didn't.  My panic attack set in as I tried to skip ahead to the next chapter.  It played for a few seconds...then froze again.  I would skip to the next chapter.  And again.  And again.  And again.  FotB just kept freezing up at every.single.chapter I would skip ahead to. 

This is pretty much when I had to pull out the brown paper bag and do breathing exercises. 
If you think my reaction was should have seen McGruff!  He may never recover from last night's traumatic experience and will likely need years of therapy.  (Obviously, this is the lie I'm telling myself to ease my pain over my slightly crazy reaction to FotB not working.)

My near and dear copy of Father Of The Bride has finally bit the dust.  My comfort blanket is no longer available. 
Needless to say McGruff and I didn't receive much sleep last night.  We were too busy sobbing into our pillow.  (Meanwhile, I'm sure Mr. D was doing a happy jig at the mere thought of never having to watch this movie again.)

Rest In Peace My Dear Friend.  You will always be loved and remembered.

Mrs. D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The King's Speech & Kentucky Theatre

Over the weekend Mr. D and I went to see the King's Speech.  Have y'all seen it yet?  OMGosh!  It was so good!  Colin Firth gave an absolutely awesome performance and definitely deserves his Oscar nomination (and possibly the win too!).  Please, please, please do yourself a favor and go see this movie!  Definitely worth seeing at the theater and it will be enjoyed by both the ladies and the gents. 

image via

Our very favorite place to see movies in Lexington is definitely the Kentucky Theatre.  It's an old theater downtown, just shy of being 100 years old.  When we go to see film's at the Kentucky it's like stepping back in time to another era and reminds me of the golden age of Hollywood.  If only the walls could talk. 

The lobby area.
Image via.

The theatre The King's Speech was showing in.
Before the film started there was a man playing the organ (bottom left of photo).
How many (contemporary) movie theaters can boast this?

Waiting for our flick to start.
(I may or may not have been singing along with the organ tunes I recognized.)

I've had such a sweet tooth lately.
When we got home from the movies (at 10 PM) I insisted on making brownies.
Mr. D helped me eat them.  They were fudgy & delish!

Have y'all seen The King's Speech yet?  Thoughts on any other films with Oscar buzz?
Do you have an old theatre like this in your town?  If so, it's a must visit!
And if you live in Lexington please take the time to check out the Kentucky Theatre soon!

Mrs. D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, My Loves!

Love it or hate is February 14 and I want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day

Mr. D and I decided we are going to wait and celebrate next weekend.  It's never fun to go out to dinner or celebrate when everything is packed full and all the restaurants have "select menus" with upgraded prices.'ll just have to wait until next week to hear about our (belated) Valentine's Day.  It's definitely not going to be anything fancy...just a little day for the two of us.  :) 

On another LOVE note, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Mr. D and I are featured on Melissa Schollaert's Photography Blog today!  Her post is love inspired - featuring the two of us from our 1st Anniversary Love Shoot/Trash the Dress.  What a great way to kick off our Valentine's Day
Here are just a few of my favorites Melissa posted...

To view the complete post click here.  All credit to the amazingly talented photographer, Melissa Schollaert.  I can't say enough wonderful things about her!  She is the best photographer I've ever worked with and has a way of making you feel so relaxed and comfortable...her work can certainly speak for itself and if anyone is looking for an incredible photographer I can't recommend her enough!!!
Big thanks to Melissa for these awesome photos and for including us on her blog today.  :)

No matter your relationship status...embrace today and ALL your LOVED ONES!  If you're lucky enough to have found your soul mate, remember you're one of the lucky ones...but don't forget to share your love with your friends and family!  I'm sending love out to all of my Valentine's today!!! 

Mrs. D