Friday, March 11, 2011

Welly For The Weekend

I'm sooooo excited for the weekend!  In fact, I've pretty much been counting down the days. 
This weekend I'm flying down to West Palm to see my best friend, Kim!  Actually, we'll be in Wellington where Kim's parents live (and where my very own Mr. D grew up). 

We have a weekend full of wedding planning and appointments and I have designated myself Kim's "B" (you can figure out what that stands for).  I will also be attending a Bridal Shower, in honor of the beautiful bride to be, Sunday hosted by her sister and Aunt's.  I love spending time with Kim's family so I'm over the moon with excitement! 

Kim and I met back in the 'ole college glory days while we were both at the University of Florida.  We were in the same pledge class (Tridelta shout out! Hey-o!) and just instantly clicked.  To this day we still talk about how random it was the way we met and instantly felt as if we had known one and other forever.  Before our Gator days were over we lived together for a year and I must say it was one of the best years of my life. 

When the two of us are together we can have a blast while performing the most mundane tasks.  We swear we can read one and others minds...or maybe it's just the looks we often exchange that give what we're thinking completely away.  Not to mention, our occasional "alter egos" so often come out to play when we together.  :)  We love to travel together, cheer on our Gators, shop till we drop and we may occasionally dance together at weddings and various events. 

I met my Mr. D through Kim.  They grew up together and stayed in touch when we all lived in Gainesville.  Throughout our wedding planning process Kim was at my side to help me make decisions, de-stress or provide a shoulder to cry on.  She was my "B."  Now, it's my turn to help her and return the favor.  In just three short months my "Kimmy Green" will be walking down the aisle and I couldn't be more excited for her and the lucky guy (we love him...even if he is a bulldawg). 
The night of the engagement! Mr. D & I were lucky enough to be a part of it.

I don't know how, but is seems nearly every year since college Kim and I end up some place together around the time of Spring Break.  Hence, I am dubbing this weekend "Spring Break 2011."  Now it's time to pack my bags and see y'all later!  (I'm thankful to get out of the Kentucky cold...even if only for a couple of days.) 

Everyone should have a "Kim" in their life.  I know I would be lost without mine.

What are y'all doing this weekend?  Anyone have any real Spring Break plans? 
(My sister is going on a cruise and I'm super jelly-cat about it.)

Mrs. D

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not For A Weak Stomach

Tuesday night I went to dinner with Katherine, Chelsea and a few others at our favorite local (family friendly) sports bar.
This is a place Mr. D and I frequent.  It's not a chain, located close to our house and very delicious.  In fact, we were there last less than a week ago. 

I was super excited for dinner with some of my favorite people and happy to be out of the house for the evening.  I ordered a salad with grilled chicken (they have great salads!) and was just giddy about it.  At one point as we were waiting for our dinner I'm pretty sure I spent a good two minutes talking about how excited I was for my salad.  (Yes, I would have rather ordered chicken tenders and fries...but I was trying to be good.)

Our food arrived and we all chowed down.  My salad, true to form, was first.  All of a sudden I looked down to get another bite.  As I took my fork and pulled back some lettuce and chicken a big, hairy creature crawled out from under the lettuce where he had been pleasantly napping snuggled amongst my veggies. 
I was instantly sick.  My stomach was churning and my body broke out in a sweat as the little creature crawled around my plate.  I tried to stay composed and keep my cool as my fellow dinner dates called the manager over.  The manager took my plate away and offered me something new.  I politely declined as I'm pretty sure my stomach was inside out at this point.

The manager said he was sorry and "didn't know how this happened."  That was it.  The manager was gone, my plate was gone and it was over.  I hadn't even had a chance to process all of this when I left the restaurant and drove home.  The longer I sat and thought about it the more upset I got.  I didn't expect them to fawn all over me, but there was a BUG crawling around in my dinner!!!!  This is a place we go very often and we are regular customers so I expected more than their lack luster apology and offer to bring me a new dinner. 

I'm still really upset about the bland reaction I received from the management.  Is this normal for them and maybe that's why they didn't get up in arms and super upset over the friend I found in my salad...?  I certainly hope it's not normal.  My stomach has been queasy for the the last two days and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a looong while before I can go back there. 

I struggled with whether or not I was going to blog this story.  This is a local restaurant everyone in Lexington seems to love.  I don't want to deter people from eating there.  However, the more I thought about my recent experience the more I decided if this happened to someone else (and not me) I would want to know.  I'm not going to tell you the name of the restaurant (it rhymes with "huggins" and there may or may not be a brand new Orange Leaf next door) but I'm sure you can figure it out if you want to.

How do you feel about this?  Do you think I have a right to be disappointed by the way I was treated post-moth?  Has anything like this ever happened to you?  (I really hope it hasn't because it was repulsive for those of us sitting at the table.) 

Mrs. D

P.S. BIG thank you to those of you sending sweet comments and prayers to McGruff yesterday.  He's still down and out but we're hoping he'll be back to his old self in a couple of days. 
P.P.S. I know I'm really bad about responding to blog comments.  I promise I will try to be better and answer you all soon.  I've just been super busy lately and I've let my comments get out of control.  Sorry.  I love reading them and hearing from all of you and I promise I will respond soon.  xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sick As A Dog

You may remember me mentioning last week McGruff hasn't been feeling good.  :(  He has a condition, degenerative disc disease, causing his back to hurt from time to time.  We had to put him back on meds last Wednesday.  Usually the meds kick in about a day later he's back to his old chipper self. 

It's now been a week of meds and lots of TLC from Momma and McGruff just isn't his usual self.  It makes me sad.  I snapped these quick pics of him.  Doesn't he look so sad?  My poor little baby.  He's going back to the vet today for a check up.  We shall see what they say.  Keep my lil babe in your prayers if you don't mind.  I want him to feel better and be his usual perky self. 

My heart hurts when I see him looking like this.  :(  It makes me cry big puppy dog tears. 

Mrs. D

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Unknown & The Adjustment Bureau

The past two weekends Mr. D and I have hit the movie theater jackpot!  We've seen two great movies two weekends in a row.  We used to see movies ALL.THE.TIME. the first couple of years we dated...but these last couple of years together we've noticed we never go to movies any more.  We've decided to change this, and lucky for us a movie date fits our budget a whole lot better than an evening spent downtown or at a pricey restaurant.

So we're back at the movies and lately we've had great luck with our choices.  I think party of the reason we stopped seeing so many movies in theater was because we could never agree on a choice.  Naturally, I love a good romantic comedy and those aren't all Mr. D wants to see.  There have been so many movies recently that really appeal to both of us so we've been thankful not to have to do the "you pick, then I pick" kinda deal. 

The weekend before last we went to see Unknown.

We caught this one at the Movie Tavern.  Do y'all have a Movie Tavern in your area?  Oh how I love that place!  The food is delish, Mr. D can have a "cold snack" (aka beer) and we can enjoy our movie in the comfort of a tall back office chair on wheels.  :)
Unknown was a great movie and we both loved it.  First, Liam Neeson is just a baller and if you don't like him then you should probably see a Doctor because there may be something wrong with you.  Also, two of my most favorite Hollywood ladies were both in this film as well.  It seems I can never get enough of both January Jones and Diane Kruger. (National Treasure, anyone?  I love that movie.  Both I and II.) 

Unknown: Two thumbs up from both Mr. & Mrs. D!  Go see this one in theaters! 

This past Saturday we went to see The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau was also great and we both had nothing but good things to say.  I've pretty much had a crush on Matt Damon ever since Good Will Hunting so I love when he's in a new flick.  I'm also a Mad Men junkie so I'm a big fan of John Slattery (remember when he was Carrie's politician boyfriend on Sex and the City?) and Emily Blunt is pretty cute too.  Another all star cast and another fabulous movie.  I liked this one a lot because I thought it was different than the typical movie and I was very intrigued by the story line.  When I'm running late and then get stuck in traffic or those few occasions when I've missed a flight, I often wonder if these little annoyances were more like miracles and a time my guardian angel was watching out for me.  Do y'all ever think about stuff like that? 

The Adjustment Bureau: Two thumbs up from both Mr. & Mrs. D!  Go see this one in theaters! 

I really loved both of these movies and I hope y'all do too! 

Mrs. D

Monday, March 07, 2011

I'm Feeling Fabulous.

So this picture (while slightly inappropriate) pretty much sums up how I felt all weekend.  I PASSED MY TEST FRIDAY!!!  WhoooHooo!  I found out just after 8:00 PM Friday evening and from then on I was floating on a cloud.  I used my new certification as an excuse to celebrate all weekend and my caloric intake definitely suffered.  Oops.  But, hey...I was celebrating, right?  And celebration calories are like vacation calories.  They don't count.  :)  At least that's what I told myself all weekend.

Is it just me or did the weekend completely fly by?  Maybe it was because I spent mine in a food-coma.  Maybe it was because I was super relieved to have such a huge weight off my shoulders.  Maybe it's because I took a nap both Saturday and Sunday (I rarely allow myself to take naps).  For whatever reason, my weekend began and ended in the blink of an eye. 

Did y'all have a great weekend?  Anyone do anything super exciting?  We caught up on some movies and I have two great ones to tell you about so stay tuned! 

Happy Monday, y'all!
Mrs. D