Monday, June 06, 2011

You're Just Too Good To Be True

Not only am I celebrating my 100th post today (WaHoo!), but I'm also celebrating something I'm even more proud of.  My 2nd Wedding Anniversary to my beloved Mr. D.  To be perfectly honest, these last two years have been the most amazing years of my life and have flown by so fast I don't even know what to think.  
Two years ago today Mr. D and I got all dressed up and headed to the Chapel.  

...and we left together after reciting our vows.  Happier than ever.

We all rode on a big old truck and waved like we were in a parade.  :)

You're Just Too Good To Be True.  
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.
You'd Be Like Heaven To Touch.
I Wanna Hold You So Much.
At Long Last Love Has Arrived.
And I Thank God I'm Alive.
You're Just Too Good To Be True.
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.

We danced our first dance!

Smiled A LOT.

Danced some more.

And had the most amazing day celebrating with all our loved ones under one roof.
It was the most wonderful day I've ever had and I will never forget it.

I would like to say Happy Anniversary and thank you to the man who loves me, takes care of me, challenges me to be a better person, makes me laugh all.the.time, spoils me, and is the most incredible husband I could ever dream of.  My darling Mr. D, you are my everything and I am so blessed to have you by my side on this journey we call life.  We are the lucky ones!  

For Eternity,
Mrs. D

(All above images credits to: Laura Negri Photography, taken by Melissa Schollaert.)