Friday, January 28, 2011

AMAZEBALLS! (weekend recap, part II)

Saturday morning began with mimosa's and breakfast.  Our lovely guests, T & Shaan, decided to fix us a traditional English fry-up (in case you missed the memo, Shaan is from England) and it was OH SO DELICIOUS!!! 

T & Shaan cooking for us.

Mmmmmmm.  SO GOOD!

We had been planning to take Lou, T & Shaan out to Woodford Reserve Distillery while they were visiting; however, all the snow in the bluegrass area caused Woodford to cancel all their tours for the entire we came up with a new plan.  We would go visit Maker's Mark Distillery in Loretto, KY instead!  These boys love their bourbon and came all the way to the bourbon capital of the world...they were not leaving until they got to visit a distillery.  Shaan and I went along for the ride as well...someone had to keep the boys in line.  Haha!  Maker's Mark is a bit further away than Woodford Reserve but it was well worth the hour and fifteen minute drive. 

We may or may not have been skipping...

The Mash Fermenting

Lou couldn't wait to get his finger in the mash!

Neither could T! 

Maker's Mark Bourbon.  Kentucky Champagne!

Ready for a tasting!

These 2 were so excited to dip their own bottle in the infamous red wax.

T & Lou's finished products.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Maker's Mark Distillery definitely GO!  The tour is free, entertaining, informative and end's with a sample of Maker's Mark bourbon and a bourbon ball (the delicious chocolate bourbon ball was definitely the favorite amongst the gals...but the guys preferred the beverage - typical, right?  The free tour does not include dipping your own bottle - you do have to pay to dip a bottle.)

After the tour was over it was time to head back to Lexington for a fun night out on the town.  Of course, we had to eat dinner at Billy's Bar-B-Q.  Not my favorite place but I was out voted 4 - Billy's it was.  Conveniently, Billy's is right across the street from Charlie Brown's...famous for their pitchers of White Russian's.  Let's just say my partner in crime, Shaan, and I have a new favorite drink. 
(I would post pictures from Billy's and Charlie Brown's...but sadly Lou was the only one with a camera that night and he has not sent me any you will have to wait.)

After our trip to Charlie Brown's we headed over to Beer Trappe.  I didn't think there would be a single thing there I would enjoy...but Shaan surprised me and ordered the perfect drink for the two of us...and it's a beer!  And I LOVED it! 

Shaan & I with our Framboise Lambic.  Mmmmm.

The night went on pretty late after we got back to our house as the 5 of us had our own little mini pajama and white russian party.  T is a cigar aficionado, and Lou and Mr. D enjoy them too so the boys had a little cigar party out in the freezing cold garage while Shaan and I stayed in the house and cuddled with McGruff.  It was a super hilarious night and we were all laughing up a storm and just having the greatest time ever...and we definitely stayed up waaay to late...but that's what you do when you're with old friends

Laugh and stay up too late!  :) 

Mrs. D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

AMAZEBALLS! (weekend recap, part I)

This past weekend was AMAZEBALLS!  Seriously. 
I really can't think of another way to describe it.  There's just something about being with old's like the comforting rhythm of your favorite song.  Once the three of us were back together it was like we never missed a beat!  We were back to our same old shenanigans, laughing and having a fabulous time.  

T, Lou & me. 

This was the first time I had met T's wife, Shaan, and let me just go ahead and tell you she's probably the most adorable human being I've ever encountered!  For real, y'all....she's gorgeous, fun, has an adorable personality and it's all wrapped up with an English accent!  Lou and T have always told me "you'll love Shaan" and "you and Shaan will be BFF!"  OMGosh!  They were right on with this.  By the end of the weekend the three guys were probably tired of hearing the two of us gals exclaim "oh! my! gosh!  MEEE too!"  Hahaha.  :) 

Shaan, my sister from another Mister, & I.

Lou, T, Shaan, Mr. D and I all had a wonderful, action packed, Kentucky weekend!  It started Friday with a trip out to the farm to visit my favorite farmer, Mr. D, and take a few pictures of the horses (they're extra big because they're all preggers).

3 Chatchi's out on the farm.
View from the hay loft.

Nuzzlin' Momma's.

The Momma on the right says "cheeeeeese!"

Shaan wanted to go play with them while T was busy snapping away.
Mr. D hard at work.

"Look!  It's so cold I can see my breath!"

Shoulder lean!

T doin' his thing.

Mr. D doin' his thing.

Isn't my guy cute? 

After we left the farm we had a delicious lunch at Wallace Station in Midway, of my favorite sandwich shops.  If you've never been to Wallace Station and you're near the Lexington area I highly recommend you check it out.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos during our lunch at Wallace...but as soon as T posts his review of Wallace Station on Passport Foodie I will let y'all know.

When we left Wallace Station we were practically in a food-coma from all the deliciousness...but we were super excited about our next stop.  A tour of Three Chimney's Farm where I once worked in the Breeding/Foaling barns. 

My former boss, Tony, gave us a VIP tour of the many facilities. 
Tony is AWESOME! 

We got to see all the stallions at Three Chimney's, starting with Big Brown,

Sky Mesa,

and Flower Alley, just to name a few.


Cute cat.

We got to see all the new babies.

This one was less than 2 days old...

...and getting ready to nurse.

And even got to pet on all the Momma's and their new foals too!

Group shot with Seattle Slew. 

The Three Chimney's tour was amazing!  BIG THANKS to Tony for taking time out of his busy day to show us around.  When we returned home we all decided to warm up with a drink (of bourbon - duh, this is Kentucky!), make a big salad to snack on and reminisce by looking at my old photo album of pictures from Cambridge. 

(If you're still reading after all that) check back for part II of the AMAZEBALLS weekend!  Hopefully by then my partners in crime, Lou & T, will have sent me a couple of their pics from the weekend so I can share those with you as well.  :) 

Mrs. D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 Randoms About Moi

My friend, LHD, at Fillies and Juleps gave me a Stylish Blogger Award.  :)  Normally, I'm not big on forwards or chain emails...but Mr. D keeps telling me I need to get more personal on my blog (yes, he reads - haha) and I keep trying to tell him y'all will get to know "me" with time.  Anyway, this lovely award from LHD seemed like the perfect way to tell y'all a few random facts about moi. 

1.  I hate candy.  That's right.  I HATE it!  I love chocolate...but I hate all hard candy, gummy candy, bubble gum, etc.  It's gross, tastes bad, smells disgusting and the noises people make while eating candy or chewing gum really cause me to have an out of body experience.  (I hate the chomping and popping of gum and the slurping and sucking sound people make when they have candy.  I know - I'm an alien, right?)
My go to items in checkout lane of the grocery are peanut m&m's or Reese's cups.  Mmmmmm.

2. I love all movies but if I had to pick only one movie to watch for the rest of my life it would definitely be Father of the Bride.  I can watch this movie over and over and over.  I think I drive Mr. D crazy sometimes because I watch this movie at least 3 times a week.  I know it sounds ridiculous but something about this movie just makes my insides all warm and fuzzy.  I like to watch it on my way to sleep at night and put it on repeat so if I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom I can catch a few moments before I fall back to sleep.  A few days before the wedding I made my Dad and Mr. D both sit down and watch this movie with me.  They were squealing with delight (okay maybe not...but it made me happy). 

3. Speaking of weddings...I love them!  We were married a year and a half ago and I still watch our wedding slide show ALL the time.  When I first received the slide show I would watch it so often I thought I might break the link.  Every time I watch the slide show and hear the music I get to relive our day and it makes me so happy.  I also love to stalk other peoples weddings on facebook.  (There.  I've said it.  Now judge away.)

If you want to see our wedding day slideshow here's the link:
If you want to see our 1 year Anniversary/Trash the Dress shoot here's the link:
(Credit to the most amazing photographer I've ever worked with Melissa Schollaert and Laura Negri)

4. If I could have the wardrobe of any TV character it would be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl or Betty Draper from Mad Men.  Both of their clothes are just my style and absolutely to die for!  Coincidentally, GG and MM are two of my favorite shows on TV...but I watch many more. 

Blair on Gossip Girl.

5. I have an obsession with paper products.  I can spend hours in a stationary store and  I LOVE to look at and touch all the pretties.  It took me days to decide on our Christmas card this year because I made 25 different cards before finally narrowing it down to one.  Trust me when I say I agonized over the decision for days. 

6. I could spend every single day at a Disney Park and be perfectly happy.  When I walk through the entrance to the Magic Kingdom (or any other Disney park for that matter) something completely changes the way I feel and I get this feeling in my stomach.  Visiting Disney World takes me to another place where I am completely care free and just want to giggle all day.  I love going to Disney and can't get enough!!! 

My Sis & I at Disney on her Birthday.  It's her favorite too!

7. I can eat Mexican food morning, noon and night.  It's definitely my favorite and I never tire of it.  If you're ever up for some Mexican food let me know and I'll meet you there. 

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Happy Wednesday, y'all! 

Mrs. D