Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love Red Velvet Cake & Anything Associated With Such Deliciousness!

They now make Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream.  I've been searching and searching, but my grocery never has either brand.  I've seen commercials for the Blue Bunny Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream, but I didn't know about Ben & Jerry's until I did a little research. 
If this stuff is all over the Internet, why isn't it in my grocer's freezer?  Hmmmmm, Kroger?  Why can't you get it together? 

Just when I thought my diet can't get any worse, they go and make an ice cream with chunks of my favorite cake in it.
Now.  On to the important topic.  Where can I find it?  Have you had either brand?  How was it?

Mrs. D


  1. I have had the blue bunny and it is heavenly! It lasted a DAY in my house!

  2. I've had the ben and Jerry's and it's unbelievable! So worth breaking a diet for. At least, for a night.

  3. hmm I am a HUGE B&J fan... but cherry garcia is my poison ;) but now I want to try this. Do you like Red Velvet from Orange Leaf?

  4. My God...I need to find this stuff and STAT

  5. Oh hai friend. I hate you and love you for alerting me that this deliciousness is out there. YUM!!!!

  6. aw hell.
    now I want ice cream.
    Thanks! :P

  7. I'm eating that blasted shit right now, I got sick as hell from eating it (a small amount) a few days ago. Tread lightly, when I say sick, I mean SICK. I've been all kinds of sick before(literally, all kinds) and this one was by far the worst. Good ice cream, but like all good things, use in moderation.

  8. I take that back, I just threw the rest of that ''ice cream'' away. Mind you this is red velvet cake ''batter'' not baked cake pieces mixed into ice cream, I don't know if its just me but I could almost taste the uncooked eggs in the mixture. woah, sorry to ruin your lust for this ''treat'' but just be careful. lol