Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wellington Recap & Shower Pics

(Better late than not at all...I apologize for my delay in posting this.)
When I arrived at the Palm Beach airport the Saturday before last, Kim picked me up and the two of us hit the ground running.  We had many wedding errands to accomplish and just a couple short days to cross it all off our list.  I accompanied the Bride to her airbrush makeup trial, hair trial, florist appointments, venue meetings, multiple dinners and got to visit with her wonderful family (whom I love so much!).  While I can't share all the details with you (for obvious reasons) I can share some pictures from the Bridal Shower hosted by Kim's Sister (the MOH), her Aunts and cousin.

Can I just go ahead and say it was the prettiest Bridal Shower I've ever attended.  Not to mention all the food was out of this world delicious!  Kim's Mom made the centerpieces (which cleverly matched the invitations) and they were so cute!  I loved them!  Kim's Mom is super crafty, creative and amazing.  I worked all weekend to convince her she needs to start blogging her ideas. 
They sure set the standard high unreachable for the shower I'm helping to host in April.  Are y'all ready for some pictures? 

The Invitations.
(minus the personal info, obvs.)

Aren't these tables adorable? 

Some of the oh-so-delicious spread.

The Bridal Doll Cake, complete with up-do.

The beautiful Bride-to-Be & me.

The Matron of Honor & her sister, the Bride.

The Favors.
Cranberry Orange Bread to mix & bake at home.

Kim's Mom is an incredible cook and she happens to make the best pound cake I've ever had.  Of course Kim's family knows my crazy obsession with cake so her Mom happened to have her mouth watering pound cake on hand for me during my visit.  Kim even packed me a lil' to go bag to tote home with me on the plane (what a great friend!).....which I may have enjoyed the very night I got home while laying in bed watching a movie...

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog about my Welly weekend.  Last week was just a tad bit crazy and I didn't have much time for blogging.  Don't worry.  I'm back to blogging regularly.  :)  My weekend with Kim was perfect.  While we were on a tight schedule, there was plenty of time for laughing, catching up and being our silly selves. 
Hope y'all enjoyed the pics!  Maybe they helped inspire a party you are hosting in the near future.

Mrs. D


  1. Love your dress! What a cute shower!

  2. How adorable - you look great, love your dress!

  3. You look fabulous, and I love Kim's Lilly dress! I may have to borrow the favor idea with a baking favorite. What a great idea. :)