Friday, April 08, 2011

Meet Me At The Races!

For those of you not living in the Bluegrass, today is probably like any usual Friday.  For us, today is bigger than Christmas (and it's respective equivalents) because today is opening day for Keeneland's Spring Meet.  Hallelujah!  I think there's a chorus of angels singing in the background.  Can you hear them?  I can.

Mr. D and I look forward to the Keeneland Spring and Fall meets ALL.YEAR.LONG. so you can bet your bottom dollar we are super, duper, MEGA excited today.  WAHOOOO!  It's finally time for big hats, julep sippin', bowties, sundresses and those pretty ponies! 

If you need us this can find us at Keeneland!  :) 

And now a look back at Keeneland's past...

Our 1st Keeneland experience, many years ago.
(check out sister with her blond hair)

Lou & Mr. D after they won big.

A time my cousin, Adam, & I won big. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend & hope I'll be standing in the winners circle at least once this weekend. 
Meet me at the races!

Mrs. D


  1. Love all these pictures, you are beautiful!

  2. First thought in my head this morning when I woke up was "It's opening day and I'm not there :(" So I will be living vicariously through all of you guys!!! Since I have moved to Nashville that is in my Top 5 things I miss for sure. Hope it was a blast!

  3. I want you to (sometime) blog about where you get all your dresses. They're always SO freakin adorable!! I know you love KS but are they all KS? If so...I need to love her too, haha