Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Favorite Cinco De Mayo

It just so happens my favorite Cinco de Mayo memory was six years ago.  Kim and I said bon voyage to the United States and went on a three week European Holiday; arriving in Madrid, Spain on Cinco de Mayo.  Perfect timing, yes?  Yes! 

We traveled to Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris and Ibiza - missing several flights along the way (oops!), devoured ten too many chocolate croissants, were total tourists, shopped till we dropped, hit just about every museum and/or famous landmark, lugged around suitcases weighing more than we did and managed to celebrate my 23rd Birthday Ibiza style.  :) 

Y'all probably don't really care...but it's always fun to look back on these old photos every 5th of May and call Kim up and laugh about our European shenanigans.  Today I realized for the first time how YOUNG we look in these photos.  Sheesh. 

Palacia Royale - Madrid.

Prado Museum - Madrid.

Bottom of Columbus monument - Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona.

Park Guell - Barcelona.

Piccadilly - London.

Top of a double decker bus - London.

Bahaha. Chocolate croissant time - Paris.

Eiffel Tower - Paris.

Palace of Versailles.

Beach in Ibiza.

My Birthday night in Ibiza.

Every year on Cinco de Mayo, I can't help but reminisce and think back to 2005 when Kim & I went across the pond for our little holiday.  The fun we had and the memories we made on our journey were priceless.

Isn't it fun to look back on old memories with friends and family? 
Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride definitely has a wonderful Cinco de Mayo memory for ever more.  :)  She gave birth to baby Hayes today!  Congrats to Erin and her family! 
Mrs. D

Also, I want to apologize for my lack of posts this week.  I have lots to catch y'all up on though!  AND we still need to discuss the Royal Wedding and the Bachelorette Weekend I attended in Charleston, SC.


  1. So fun! I wanna go someday!

  2. What a fun trip! Chocolate croissant! Yes, please!

  3. European travel is just the best! I studied in London for a semester and have so many amazing memories! Hope you enjoyed this Cinco De Mayo :)

  4. Love the birthday pic of you! so pretty :) and so much fun in this post!!!!