Monday, July 18, 2011

Fabulous Fall TV; Ready, Set, TiVo!

There are two shows I can't wait to watch this fall.  The Playboy Club on NBC and Pan Am on ABC.  I love all things vintage!  My parents used to swear I was "born in the wrong era" when I was a kid.  I always preferred to watch old movies and classic TV...and the fashion of these era's was even better.

I can't decide which show I'm more looking forward to.  Both look super awesome and totally made for me.  I couldn't be more excited for fall TV this year!

Can't wait to see all the scandals go down on this new prime time show.
Watch a preview of Playboy Club here:

Pan Am stars Christina Ricci.  
I think she will make the perfect Pan Am stewardess.  
Click here to watch a preview of Pan Am:

Any shows in the fall lineup you're excited about?  I'm not sure about you but my Tivo is set and ready!
(We all know I'm obsessed with Mad Men, which won't be back until Feb 2012.  I'll need something to fill in until then.)

Mrs. D


  1. i'm counting down the days until dexter!

  2. Umm. Where can I get one of those cute Pan Am bags?