Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Kate!

Like every other female around the world, I too am obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge.  I was instantly fascinated by Catherine Middleton in 2005 when she first emerged on the scene and became widely known as William's gorgeous girlfriend.  When they broke up for a few months in 2007 I was heartbroken.  Lucky for me the breakup didn't last long and soon William and Kate were seen traveling all over the world together again. 

My obsession has gone to a ridiculous level ever since last year when the two announced they were finally engaged.  I was so excited you would've thought I had that gorgeous ring on my finger.  Kate does no wrong in my world.  She always looks so clean, chic and polished.  I love her style and often find myself wanting every piece of clothing, shoe and accessory we see her photographed in.  She makes royal life look and seem so "normal."

When I say I love everything Kate wears, I really mean it.  I love her classic style, elegance and grace.  She even makes a cowboy hat look chic and gorgeous.  It's true.  I want one too.  I pointed to these very pictures of the Duke and Duchess at the Calgary Stampede while we were in line at the grocery the other night and told Mr. D "I need one of those."  I think he agreed and said he does too. 

(Side note: William definitely looks better in a hat.)

So what do you think of Kate's cowgirl chic?  I love it!   

Mrs. D


  1. She is just gorgeous! I wish I could make a cowboy hat look like that.

  2. I found a blog recently that is all about her wardrobe. It's amazing. She looks how I always WANT to look yet never, ever, in a million years...will pull off.

  3. I literally purchased a people magazine that chronicled her clothing, just so I could take notes..