Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekend Fun With Louie

This past weekend Lou flew up to the Bluegrass and we had a splendid time, to say the very least.  I'm sure y'all remember seeing Lou's face on the blog many times before and I doubt this will be the last time you hear of him either.  :)  Last week was actually Lou's 31st Birthday and this summer marks the ten year anniversary of our friendship.  It was ten years ago when we met at Cambridge University in England and while a lot has changed since then, our friendship has remained a constant.  To us, Lou is family and one of the greatest human beings we know.  That's right.  He's top notch!  If you meet him I'm sure you'll agree. 

Just for fun, here's how we spent our weekend. 

Happy 10 years!  Cheers to a "constant!"

Lex friends love Florida friends.

Happy Birthday Lou, new bow tie from me & Mr. D.
(it's upside down in the pic, but the print is cigars & a bottle of bourbon.)

Saturday morning trip to the farmers market for peaches.

We lounged by the pool. 

And later ran a 5K.
(Well, to be honest, I walked it & the boys ran.)

Two of my Aunts also ran the 5K.

Celebrating post 5K.

We may or may not have blown up marshmallows in the microwave to make s'mores.
(Seriously.  Look how giant they got!)

And it is very possible I got teary eyed Sunday evening when it was time for Lou to leave.

Not pictured: many Starbucks runs, brunch at Cheapside, my creepy Raggedy Ann doll, our delightful culinary concoctions, hours wasted watching a Pickers marathon on the history channel, many laughs and hugs shared, among countless other things. 
It was a perfect, sleep deprived, laugh-til-your-face-hurts kind of weekend.
I hope you weekend was equally as charming. 

Lou, thanks for visiting and hurry on back! 

Mrs. D


  1. looks like you all had a great weekend!

  2. How fun!!! Love the bow tie - what a great gift!!! Sounds like you had a great visit with your friend and a happy, happy weekend!