Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Help

I read The Help last summer and it was the best book I read of 2010.  I was obsessed!  It's such a wonderful book and if you're one of the random few that hasn't read it, DO IT!  You will love it too.  I was so obsessed with the book I knew I had to see the movie right away and that's just what I did yesterday as soon as I got out of work. 

Let me just tell you now, it's GREAT!  A must see!  While it's not as wonderful as the book, the movies never are because they have to leave out a lot of the detail, it's a great novel turned movie and I think everyone should see it.  The storyline is wonderful by itself; but once you add the lovely cast (I heart Emma Stone), the awesome clothes, set and makes it that.much.better. 

It was so great to see one of my favorite novels come to life on the big screen.  The casting was perfection!  I left the movie thinking "wow, look how far our country has come" and "this is such a good reminder of how we should treat people." 

Another highlight for me: at one point in the movie there's a 12 layer cake sitting in the background on the table.  Reminded me of my experience with the 12 layer cake.  Yum!  (Now, I'm itching to bake another.)

The movie is wonderful!  Drop what you're doing and go see it!  I'm going to take Mr. D with me when I go see it a 2nd time.

Mrs. D


  1. I'm going to see it tomorrow night! I'm more excited now after reading your review! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I started the book last week and will hopefully have time to sit and finish it by the end of this weekend! I am obsessed with it and have a terribly hard time putting it down! I CANNOT wait to go see the movie! Fabulous review :)

  3. It was such a great book - glad to hear you liked the film!

  4. I was so nervous that it wouldn't live up to the book...but its nice that they come close! Def will see it:)

  5. Can't wait to see this next week with one of my girlfriends. This was seriously such such such a great book. ;)

  6. Saw this yesterday afternoon with Katherine and Katherine :) It was SO GOOD. Loved it, and loved that it stayed fairly true to the book.

  7. I can't wait. Going this week with my mama.