Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, My Loves!

Love it or hate is February 14 and I want to wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day

Mr. D and I decided we are going to wait and celebrate next weekend.  It's never fun to go out to dinner or celebrate when everything is packed full and all the restaurants have "select menus" with upgraded prices.'ll just have to wait until next week to hear about our (belated) Valentine's Day.  It's definitely not going to be anything fancy...just a little day for the two of us.  :) 

On another LOVE note, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Mr. D and I are featured on Melissa Schollaert's Photography Blog today!  Her post is love inspired - featuring the two of us from our 1st Anniversary Love Shoot/Trash the Dress.  What a great way to kick off our Valentine's Day
Here are just a few of my favorites Melissa posted...

To view the complete post click here.  All credit to the amazingly talented photographer, Melissa Schollaert.  I can't say enough wonderful things about her!  She is the best photographer I've ever worked with and has a way of making you feel so relaxed and comfortable...her work can certainly speak for itself and if anyone is looking for an incredible photographer I can't recommend her enough!!!
Big thanks to Melissa for these awesome photos and for including us on her blog today.  :)

No matter your relationship status...embrace today and ALL your LOVED ONES!  If you're lucky enough to have found your soul mate, remember you're one of the lucky ones...but don't forget to share your love with your friends and family!  I'm sending love out to all of my Valentine's today!!! 

Mrs. D


  1. I love these pictures SO much. You look FAB!

  2. You all are beautiful! You all are stunning in ALL of those, but hands down my favorite is the last photo! yall look so happy and in love:)

  3. Good idea about celebrating V-Day after the mark-ups and crowds are gone. Plus, you have something to look forward to for the rest of the week! Great photos - just beautiful. :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL photos! Adore your dress!

  5. Love those pictures...Happy Valentine's Day!!

  6. Wow. These pictures are each more gorgeous than the last. What a perfect way to capture your love. I think my favorite shot is kissing on the hay. ;) Hope you're having a great Valentine's Day! XOXO

  7. Oh. My. GOODNESS! You are wearing the Kate Spade dress... and you look gorgeous! And you have completely inspired me to do a shoot for our one year anniversary (we are at 6 months, and I'm already planning ahead... tee hee). The thought of being able to put my dress on again is making me giddy! Love, love, love your beautiful photos!