Friday, February 11, 2011

Low-lites, Snookie & Book Club

I'm sure you're probably thinking 1) what do these things actually have in common and 2) why did I misspell Snookie.  Well, I'm about to tell you what these items have in common and no, I did not misspell Snookie in my title or anywhere else in this post.
Low-lites, Snookie and book club are all decisions I made yesterday evening.  Lets start with the low-lites shall we.

I had a hair appointment yesterday afternoon (finally!) for a blond touch up and decided my hair needed a little more flavor and some dimension.  Enter my new BFF, low-lites.  I love them.  My hair is definitely still very blond but it's nice to have some new colors added to my hair pallet.  It gives my hair a softer, richer look it's been missing lately.  I know the low-lites will wash out and fade away in a couple of weeks but right now I am loving them.  {Not to mention Sister Puffin is very excited about the low-lites and still on her big campaign to make me a brunette.....ummm, no.  Mrs. D is a blond lady!}

I'm really embarrassed I'm posting this self pic I took for my sister...but I wanted y'all to see the color before it faded here's my super awkward self portrait/profile.

After my hair appointment I went home to find a wonderful dinner waiting for me, courtesy of Mr. D, and it was delish.  The man can cook!  After dinner I found myself with the biggest sweet tooth.  This is when my friend, the Snookie, came to the rescue.  No, not the orange creature with big hair and a potty mouth.   The Snookie is a special skillet we received as a wedding gift (thanks Aunt Bibi!) and you use it to bake a giant cookie.  Skillet + Cookie = Snookie!  Mmmmmm.  It was just what we wanted and very yummy in our tummies! 

My Snookie!  Nom.Nom.Nom.

After my belly was full I could finally sit down and concentrate long enough to FINALLY pick out a book for my February Book Club.  That's right...I haven't forgotten.  I've just been too busy with everything else lately and put the Book Club to the back burner.  If you are in the Lexington area and are interested in being a part of the Book Club PLEASE let me know!  The more the merrier and I would LOVE to have you join us!  It's a quick read (according to this girl) and we should all have time to read by the end of the month...(if you have issues with the time frame let me know).

Without further ado I give you February's Book Club book....

Any Lexington people who messaged me earlier regarding my previous post about the Book Club should be receiving an email shortly.  I'm working to compose a mass email about the Book Club for those interested and please tell your friends who enjoy reading...I mean it when I say the more the merrier!!!  Anyway, this is the book.  Read up and we'll all meet at the end of the month.  I promise I'll give more notice next time...but at least this (so I hear) is a pretty fast read.  And if it's just me sitting down to discuss the book by myself....well, that will be okay least I'll be back to reading on a regular basis.  :) 

Wishing y'all a very merry weekend!!!

Mrs. D


  1. Love it all! Not gonna lie when you mentioned your Snookie Cookie on twitter I was thinkin...did Snookie come up with some revolutionary cookie maker and why is Brittney supporting Snooks?! haha not that I don't adore Snookie, little wise Buddah with a poof. haha

  2. The cookie lookes delicious, love the hearts placemat. Excited about the first book! Can I host a meeting at my house in April?? Believe it or not, I've already started planning (weirdo, I know!)

  3. Hope I'll be discussing with you because I've wanted to read this book for so long!!! Can't wait to hear the month is kinda hectic but I'm gonna try my darndest to be there!

  4. woot! i want to host in march! and i asked nancy about having her come for some S&D there too?! no pressure, but there to browse if anyone needs some new pretties for the upcoming keeneland meet :)

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. We need to register somewhere for a Snookie! There is a restaurant in Nashville that makes an amazing cookie like this and serves it in the pan with ice cream... And I am now craving it. :)

  6. Super jealous I don't live closer--I've been wanting to join a book club! You'll have to post all about it for everyone who can't make it. ;)

  7. Your other BFF and I just read this. That Snookie thing was hilarious! Miss ya'll. I just wanted to say ya'll, ya'll.

  8. ahhhhh!!!! love your blog girl :) sooo cue! i def love the book too! it's seriously fabulous xoxo great post!

  9. do you know where you can get a snookie?