Thursday, February 10, 2011

Secretariat: The Movie & Fashion

Last night Mr. D and I finally watched the movie Secretariat.  It was one we had hoped to see in the theater but never had the opportunity, so it was instantly added to our NetFlix queue.  OMGosh.  I'm so disappointed we didn't see this one in the theater.  It was wonderful! 

We loved every.single.second of the film and had such a fun time playing "where are they" as a lot of the movie was filmed in Lexington.  Coincidentally, several different scenes were filmed at our wedding reception venue, Spindletop Hall.  What's the chance of that?  We both thought it was super neat-o to see our reception site in a movie and other than a few minor changes it pretty much looked exactly the same as it did on our wedding day. 

Another part of the movie we loved (aside from the amazing film about an incredible true story) was the fashion!  SWOON!  The movie was set in the 70's, but all of the clothing was classic, equestrian influenced preppiness we would wear today...or at least Mr. D and I would.  Seriously.  I want NEED to raid Diane Lane's closet from this movie!!!  Even Mr. D was getting into it and loving all the men's fashion.  He kept commenting on various coats, bow ties and slacks he "needs" and got particularly excited when one of the male characters was wearing an ascot (because Mr. D got two new ascots for Christmas! Yes, my friends, Mr. D has decided he's bringing ascots back). 

John Malkovich in his ascot.
Mr. D so excited about his ascots!
Is it Keeneland season yet?

Have you already seen Secretariat?  Did you cry like a baby weep silently like I did? 
If you haven't already seen it I suggest you rent it from Red Box, add it to your NetFlix queue or buy it immediately!  It's a great movie for the entire family and will be enjoyed by both gents and ladies.  I am adding it to my list of "DVD's I would like to own" and can't wait for Mr. D and I to be sporting our "classic, equestrian prep" fashion at Keeneland this spring!

Mrs. D


  1. I was the same way. I wanted to see this in the theater really bad, but they must not have promoted it very well in our area and it came and went without me noticing. I'm definitely going to add it to our Netflix!!

  2. We bought it and watched it. We didn't get to see it in theater either cause it was in October and we were a tad bit busy. Randomly, my dad is an extra in the movie and was even on the front page of the Herald Leader about the movie. Even more random is this was like his 3rd horse movie he's been in. I guess he looks like a horse guy?? And I've been swooning over cardigans and pencil skirts since I watched it.

  3. Its in our Netflix queue and I can't wait to see it!

  4. I haven't seen it yet, but we're planning to watch it this weekend. A couple of my girlfriends were extras in the gala scene filmed at the Pendennis Club. Their 1970s evening gowns were fabulous! Glad to hear such a good review. Can't wait for the spring meet, either!

  5. I have actually been wanting to see this since it came out as well but sadly have not made time for it! But I will be renting it tomorrow night for sure! We need Netflix oh so bad!

  6. I've been wanting to see it! I think I will head on over to Netlix and add it now. Thanks for the review!