Monday, February 07, 2011

A Super Weekend! (with lots of photos)

Hey y'all!  Anyone else feel crappy after all the junk food consumed this weekend?  Or is it just me?  I ate so much crap this weekend...but I don't care because there were plenty of reasons to celebrate starting Friday evening because I passed my exam!  WHOOOO!  Now, this just means I have to start studying for the next level and complete it as soon as possible (and I'm even more nervous about this test because the passing rate is pretty low on the first attempt).  Also, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who sent me sweet lil' good luck messages.  You are the best!

Saturday was the University of Kentucky Greek Sing and Mr. D, my family and I went to cheer on my Sister and my cousin, Olivia (aka Little O).  When it was finally Delta's turn on the stage we all sat there in awe.  Not only was TriDelta the reigning Greek Sing champions...but this year the routine was just as incredible!  The theme was Vegas and the girls really outdid themselves.  They spent months working on their routine, costumes, music and props and you could really tell.
Haha.  My sister would be Elvis!

Little O & Sister Puff ready for the competition!

Delta girls!

She really got into character.

Part of their cheering section!

Z thought Elvis made the perfect pillow.

Z's parents came down all the way from Ohio to cheer the girls on.

Alan from The Hangover started the show.

(sadly, my only pic of the Elvis solo was blurry.)

When all the performances were complete and it was time to announce the Greek Sing was no surprise to hear the Delta girls won it ALL - AGAIN!  Back-to-back Greek Sing Champions!!!  They were all freaking out and it was just so cute.  (I was definitely having college flashbacks - haha.)
When the winners was announced.  Go Tri Delta!

Seeing all those Delta's being flashed on stage brought back major memories.


A congratulatory hug for my girls!  SO proud of you both!!!

Several of you have asked me about the Florida v. Kentucky basketball game that took place Saturday night...and I must admit it, I was happy to see my Gators win.  However, I still love my Cats and I prefer to call myself a GatorCat!  :)  You see, I knew going in to the game I would be happy with the outcome either was a win/win situation for me because my two favorite teams were facing off against one another.  I would be happy with the winner no matter who it was but it was nice to see my Gators win at home because I know there's a good chance the outcome will be different when the Gators re-match the Cats in Rupp Arena at the end of the month.  Not to mention I love Billy Donovan and will always support him!  (If you haven't read this article you really should - great article about three awesome SEC coaches.)

Now on to Superbowl Sunday.  You know I was ecstatic with the Pittsburgh Steelers playing in the big game!  The outcome wasn't great for my team, but it was still a close and exciting game to watch.  Mr. D and I invited a few people over to our house for a Potluck Style Superbowl Party.  All the food was delish and we had a great time hanging out, catching up and watching the game. 

I attempted making Whoopie Pies for the first time.  I wanted them to have Steelers colors so I made classic yellow cake with dark fudge icing.  They weren't as "pretty" as I hoped they would be but I thought they tasted great (if I must say so myself). 

I also made a Cheddar Cheese of my old specialties I hadn't made in years.
(Side note: I really want to host a fondue party some time...wouldn't that be fun?)

I guess I spent all my time stuffing my face and watching the game because I really didn't take many photos.  I did get one photo of everyone watching the game but it was before all our guests arrived so I failed on that mission. 

Okay, if you're actually still reading this let's chat about the game halftime performance and the lack of quality commercials.  First, the halftime show.  Was it just me or was Fergie SCREAMING the entire time?  UGH!  AWFUL!  I thought it was terrible.  She looked terrible and sounded terrible and the majority of the songs were crap (in my opinion).  The best part was when URSH-HER came out and briefly revived her performance....only to fall into a giant hole in the stage never to be heard from again.  Seriously...why didn't they just hire Usher for the halftime show?  It would have been soooo much better!  A little "Yeah" up in that stadium would have rocked my socks!

Second, where were the commercials last night?  I hardly saw any I really enjoyed.  In fact, there were only two for me.  The first was the Budweiser commercial that started as a western and ended with a little Tiny Dancer.  Loved it!!!  (Not to mention Tiny Dancer is one of my all time favorite songs.)
The second commercial I loved was the NFL commercial of clips from TV shows where the cast is rocking various NFL logos on their clothing.  Again, loved it!!!  It was creative and fun to see flashbacks of great television shows from the days gone by. 

I was definitely disappointed with the outcome of the game.  I would have LOVED to see my Steelers win it all again...but you can't win them all.  :( 

Mr. D snapped this picture of me pouting after the game. 

I'm not too sad though because I know Coach will have them ready for another great season next year!
(Photo with Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin.)

What did y'all do for the Superbowl?  Did you hate the Halftime Show as much as I did?  What about the commercials...any favorites?  Did you have a stellar weekend too?  I hope so!

Mrs. D


  1. I was so disappointed with the Superbowl commercials and halftime. I thought Christina did wonderful with the national anthem minus her little glitch.

    Congrats to TriDelta. Looks like so much fun to just be there!

  2. I was a bad American, I took advantage of having an empty house and got some projects done and cleaned.

    And how do you make these whoopie pies??? Do I have to buy the pan from W&S? I want to make some valentines ones for Brian's potluck at work.

    And I'm tempted to try to do my own chocolate fondue. It has to be cheaper than going to the Melting Pot!

  3. Good job on passing your test! Now for the hard part... 206 is going to be a mission. Yikes!

  4. Totally random, but my sister is DZ at UK and she was there! Congrats to your sis and their win!

  5. I've been wanting to host a fondue party too. I'm always on the look out for neat fondue ideas to file away in case I ever decide to do so. Once again those Whoopie pies look amazing! (AKA please post the recipe!) :)