Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Summer, Where Are You?

I feel like summer and I are playing a mean game of hide and seek...and unfortunately I'm the seeker. 
What is up with this weather?  Where did our sunshine go?  Just last week I was ready to pull out my spring wardrobe.....and then yesterday while I was at lunch there were snow flurries coming down.  Really?  Snow flurries?  AHHHHHH!

I miss the feeling of the warm sun on my skin, days lounging by the pool, evenings on the patio laughing with friends, riding our bicycles around town, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sweet taste of sippin' on a john daily, watching the lightning bugs light up the backyard on a warm summer night, playing in the waves at the beach, watching the sunset over the water and hoping to see the "green flash", wearing sundresses and cute skirts.......le sigh......

I really could go on and on.  Until summer is actually here I'm just going to stare at these pretty summer images and keep dreaming.

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Are y'all looking forward to summer as much as I am?  Any big summer plans?  Hope it's warm where you are...and if not, stay warm dreams of summer.  :)

Mrs. D


  1. Ahhh love Spring & Summer!
    Come to Florida our weather has been awesome lately! =)

  2. Oh my gosh--we DID read each other's minds! ;)

    I was so glad to not need to wear boots last week that it's making the cold weather and snow much harder to take. At least today is sunny here!

  3. I know - bring back the warm weather! Last week's weather was so good for the soul. Ready for warm days by the pool. :)

  4. I'm ready for summer too! Our summers are very short lived up here and your description of what your summers are like makes me a little sad that we don't enjoy those same things here. As I look out my window today the ground is covered in snow. :( sadz
    Hope that winter gets the memo soon! You aren't wanted!
    ps. sorry for the novel-length comment~

  5. It feels like summer here. It's been in the 80's. I'm not done wearing my boots, scarves, and sweaters though. Maybe we should trade places.

  6. I plan on walking, laying out, reading, gardening, and hanging out on my blog friends back porch.