Monday, February 21, 2011

Our (Belated) Valentine's Day

You may remember me mentioning here that Mr. D and I were waiting until this past weekend to celebrate our Valentine's Day.  While our day was sweet and simple, it was definitely worth the wait!  Mr. D surprised me with a gift certificate to get a massage and nothing could have made me happier.  I had a few surprises up my sleeve for him too...

His favorite drinks waiting in the fridge for him.

The Valentine I made him.  Mr. D Makes My Heart Go...


I surprised him with sugar cookies & frosting - his favorite & one of my specialties!

Saturday night we used a gift card we had saved to enjoy a nice dinner at Malone's.  It was so yummy and I've already devoured my leftovers.  :)  Mr. D was very excited to wear one of his new ascot's to dinner Saturday night.  Ascot's were at the top of his Christmas list last year and this was his first chance to wear one...he's decided he's bringing them back.  Look out men's fashion, Mr. D has decided to mix things up.

Mr. D modeling his ascot.

The two of us ready to leave for dinner.  :)

It was definitely a nice and relaxing evening for the two of us.  I'm glad we waited until the weekend after to made it more fun and gave us something to look forward to. 
Hope y'all had a lovely weekend! 

Mrs. D


  1. I LOVE the card you made Pat! So creative and very fitting for Pat! haha Happy Monday Love. Glad you all had a romantical weekend:)

  2. Your hubby looks adorable all dressed up! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. A massage? What a wonderful gift. Love your card. You two are such a sweet couple.

  4. Just started following your blog and LOVE it! I am from Lexington and its always so nice to connect with people that live there! LOVE the card!

  5. You both look so adorable!! I love the idea of the Red Bull w/ a bow in the fridge!!

  6. You two are adorable! Seriously love the homemade card. I cracked up whenever I seen the same wording on your twitter the other night!

  7. I want some of those cookies now...nom nom nom! :) The card is super cute and the two of you look precious!

  8. Love the thoughtful/personal valentine's gifts! I'm lovin' the ascot as well--he's the first guy i've seen who can pull it off.

  9. Love your blog it is so cute..
    You two are a striking couple!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower,

  10. Love Mr. D's ascot! Glad you had a fabulous Valentine's celebration. :)