Friday, February 25, 2011

Virtual Vacation

As winter comes to a close and spring and summer are near....I start to think about vacations.  Ahhhhhh.  Vacation.  Sweet, sweet vacation.  I LOVE to travel!  It's hands down my favorite thing to do.  I love visiting new places and experiencing new things; as well as going back to some of my favorite towns (Ahem, Charleston!) again and again.  Sadly, I'm not sure how much room is going to be left in our budget this year for an actual "vacation." 

There's something so carefree, fun and relaxing about vacations.  Yet they are new, exciting and adventurous at the same time.  I have plenty of places on my "vacation wish list"......perhaps we shall take a virtual vacation together today.  Do any of these options pique your interest? 

Y'all pack your bags because we're going on a virtual vacation!  :)

Viva Las Vegas!
(can you believe I've never been?)

Let's hear it for New York (City)!
These streets will make you feel brand new!
Big lights will inspire you!
(Can you believe Mr. D has never been?)

The New England area.
Ahhhh.Life on the cape.Riding bikes on the vineyard.Clam bakes.

Perhaps Passport travel is more your style?  I definitely have the itch to do some traveling's been FAR too long!  And, Mr. D has never been across the pond.  I would love to take him.  He would love all the history!  

Mind the gap.Parliament.Buckingham Palace.Prince William.

Bonjour Paris?  Oui!!!
The romance.Le Tour De Eiffel.The shopping.The chocolate croissants! Mmmm.

Venice is on my must see list!

So is Rome.

Maybe a day or so in Madrid?

Or Barcelona?  The Gaudi architecture is to die for!!!
I certainly fell in love with this city. 

We definitely need to make a pit stop in Ireland.
Another one on my must see list.

If I had to go to one place right this second I would probably pick Greece.

I've never been to Greece.  I am dying to go.
Isn't this beautiful?

The color. The hills. The clear water. 
I love it all!
(All photos above via)

So what do y'all think?  Where would you want to go if you could jet off today on an all expenses paid trip?
Anyone have any big plans this weekend?  (If you tell me you're leaving for one of the places mentioned above I will be green with envy.)

Mrs. D


  1. I loved this post and needed a quick virtual vacay! I would pack my bags and be right beside you on your way to Greece, lets go!

  2. Thank you for getting me out of gloomy ol Lex for a few minutes!

  3. Greece is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! DO IT.

  4. You make me want to travel to these places also!! You definitely go to Vegas (my hometown) so fun!!!!

  5. omg i want to go to greece- i may have to take some fabulous pictures when i do my european trip in a few months- have you checked that post out? i'm super excited!

  6. No vacations in our budget this year either. Boo.
    I would love to go to the New England area, that sounds like a perfect vacation! And Greece! Number one on my list!!

  7. So I've been to 7 out of the 11 places on your list and I think I am going home and packing my suitcase now to visit the other 4. I'll meet you half way!

  8. I have travel fever! If I could go right now I would go to Europe and see Rome, Italy, France, and England. But those would probably all be separate trips in themselves!

  9. What I wouild give to go to Greece and Italy! Hubby spent 2 weeks and Ireland and would love to tell you all about it...he is in love with that place!

  10. I just got back from a week in Orlando, which was such a nice break from all the cold. Didn't make it to Disney but did spend a ridic amount of time at Harry Potter in Universal. Sadly (or not sadly..?) most of my travel this year is for weddings, so I'll be going to such hotspots as Atlanta (oh wait, I live here), Nashville, Cincinnati, and possibly San Fran. I love my friends dearly and am SO excited to celebrate with them! Just no extra time/money to go anywhere else. I have 4 friends going to Greece for 3 weeks in June, and if I could sneak into someone's suitcase I would be there in a heartbeat! For my 30th bday, a few years down the road, my mom and I are planning a big trip to England/Ireland/Scotland. I have visions of running across a field in Ireland, chasing Shetland ponies and wearing wellies. A girl can dream. :)

  11. You MUST go to Paris - It was sooo awesome. I wasn't a big fan of Rome. Im LOVE to go to Greece!!! That water is breathtaking!

  12. I love every single one of your choices! Greece is so beautiful I cant wait to see it person one day! I cant believe you haven't been to Vegas, I only live 3 1/2 hours away from there but we don't go as often as I would like :)

  13. Ahhh I wish I could go to all of those places :( BUT VIRTUALLY FROM MY BED IT WAS GREAT!!!!!

  14. Um...wherever you go...take me:)

  15. Greece is definitely towards the top of my travel wish list!

    I am actually off on a mini-vacay this weekend--the bf and I are visiting my bestie and her bf in Chicago this weekend. I can't wait to relax for a few days. :)