Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Currently listening to:
I'm sure y'all know how much I luuuuuuve my fellow namesake by now.  :)  I bought her new album a little over a week ago and I must admit I've been listening to it on repeat ever since.  My favorite tracks are Till The World Ends (track 1 - her new single), I Wanna Go (track 4), How I Roll (track 5) and Gasoline (track 11).  These songs are great fun and a blast to sing and dance to...especially when you have a car full of friends jamming along with you. 

I love Britney!  Will you hold it against me?  (pun intended)

Currently Watching:

I'm finally getting caught up on the last season of Mad Men.  I like to watch all my favorite shows after the season is over when I can watch multiple episodes back-to-back.  Yes.  I'm annoying like that.  It also makes the delay of waiting for the next season a lot easier to deal with. 

Currently Reading:

I recently downloaded Wench on my kindle and I'm oh so excited to get lost in April's Book Club selection.

Happy Hump Day, y'all! 

Mrs. D


  1. LOVE Mad Men, it is such a great show. I cannot wait for it to start again!

  2. I'd say those are my fave Femme Fatale tracks, too!! "I Wanna Go" could be my most booty-shaker!

  3. Looooooove Mad Men and Britney is my girl! Have a good day, dear!

  4. LOVE Mad Men and I don't think your crazy! I wait a lot of times until I can get the whole season on DVD as well or watch it on the computer!

  5. I've started reading Wench and so far I'm really liking it. You make good selections for the club ;) Do we have a date yet for wFE?