Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kate Spade Is My Home Girl!

Kate Spade is definitely my go to designer for all things fun and fabulous.  Anytime I need a new party dress, pair of shoes, handbag or cute gift for a first stop is Kate Spade to see if my home girl can hook me up.  She never disappoints or lets me down.  Kate is my crack and I most definitely am addicted. 

Last weekend was the big Kate Spade Friends and Family sale and all items were an additional 25% off (not to mention the free shipping - I'm a sucker for free shipping).  Unfortunately, Mr. D and I live by a strict Dave Ramsey budget.  However, as soon as I saw the Kate Spade email waiting pleasantly in my inbox I remembered I had been hording all my "clothing fund" money in one envelope for the last 4+ months.  WAHOO!  I had just enough money in my envelope to purchase a new dress and pair of shoes I had been stalking for quite some time.

My new dress...
Perfect for a casual party or I can style it up for a day at Keeneland.

My new shoes...

I am obsessed with my new shoes. Perfect for summer & oh-so-fun!
They are ready to wear for Kentucky games, or I can add an orange dress & they will be perfect for Gator games too. 

Now, if only I could convince the weather to change for Keeneland this weekend so I can wear my new items.  If not, I will just have to save them for next weekend.  :) 

Kate Spade is my home girl.  Is she your home girl too? 
Who are your favorite designers? 

Mrs. D


  1. And blue and orange no less! I wish out Kate Spade store hadn't closed-I really want to try her stuff on.

  2. Oh, I love those shoes!! Perfect. I'm a huge fan of Tory Burch. She just may be my favorite...though Tibi is up there as well. And I'm always a lover of Kate Spade:)

  3. LOVE! great dress and shoes. Kate Spade is my favorite.

  4. LOVE that dress and the shoes as well! I love Kate Spade, but before really seeing you and all your KS dresses I didn't know she had such cute clothing (usually hit up her bags).

  5. LOVE those shoes!! Great job saving the clothing fund ;)

  6. you could wear the dress WITH the shoes for the 4th of July :)

  7. Those shoes are adorable! I love Kate Spade, too, but I've never bought her shoes or clothing, just bags and wallets. Speaking of, I need a new wallet.

    Anyway, I love lots of different designers and could never pick just one. I like Tahari, Milly, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs...the list goes on and on!

  8. Free shipping always sucks me in too - Love your new dress and those shoes are to die for for! My favorite designers are Tibi, Trina Turk, Milly, and you can't go wrong with Target!

  9. I was just browings the kate spade website the other day. Fell in love with a couple of items, but ended up rushing over to buy a Lilly frock instead. Those shoes are AWESOME! Great purchase. Your mentioning of the Dave Ramsey envelopes is a much-needed reminder that Hubby and I need to return to that. We did that at one time and fell off the wagon. It's a great way to save and spend accordingly.

  10. Kate can do NO wrong in my book. I die over all things KS... and your new purchases are gorgeous! XO

  11. i'm obsessed with both of your picks!!! kate spade is one of my favorites too!

  12. love the shoes so much! so cute!