Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Today is the day I must come clean and admit the truth.  After all, what would this blog be if I wasn't truthful with my readers.  The truth Birthday is my favorite holiday.  And don't y'all go telling me it's not a holiday, because it most certainly is.  At least to me.  In my world, my Birthday is a holiday...and it just so happens to be my most favorite of them all.  :)

Ever since I was a wee tot I've always loved my Birthday and look forward to the May day all.year.long.
Well, it's just about a month away now and I've recently found a few items I would like to add to my Birthday list this year.

My Birthday Wish List:
This new ride!
Can't you just see Mr. D driving me & my gal pals around in this fly ride? Love it!
Perfect for summer too!

This vacation home!
Would love to have a nice place to slip off to on long weekends. Y'all can come too! 
The 2nd story water slide is a must have.

One of everything Kate Spade, please!
How perfect it would be to have a never ending closet full of KS.

Y'all think you can make it happen?  Okay, great!  :)  

Happy Friday, darlings! 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see a few of you at Keeneland.

Mrs. D


  1. love the car and that fab home! wooow! xo

  2. The birthday present I have for you is even better!

  3. where is that vacation place? i must go! happy (almost) birthday month!

  4. ah, i want EVERYTHING from kate spade right now. i need to find me a money tree and quick. have a great weekend girlfriend!

  5. I am SO tagging along to your new vacation home!!! That place is incredible!!!

  6. that house is amazing! have a great weekend

  7. Is that Barbie's pink convertible with Ken driving?!? hehe wink wink

  8. I'm at that vacation house like THE moment you say the word ;)

  9. So happy to have stumbled on your blog--I'm a May baby too (the 29th!) and I grew up just north of Kentucky in Indiana! I would die to have that vacation home and everything from Kate Spade. May is certainly the best month...and really, birthdays should be celebrated for more than just a day ;) there should be birthweeks/months! Have a happy weekend! xoxo {av}

    P.S. You should totally join in for Friday’s Fancies next week--I know you'd do a great job!

  10. oh wow that vacay dream home is amaze! LOVE IT! :) hope you get all this and more for your bday! hehe ;)

  11. Love the convertible! It reminds me of a barbie car :) I want that vacation home! How amazing would that be!?

  12. I think I would take all that as well!!! I'm a LEX Ky girl too, check out my blog if you get a chance!