Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In An MmmmBop You're Gone

Last night I was overjoyed to see three of my teen crushes on Dancing With The Stars.  In fact, had Hanson not been performing on DWTS last night I probably would have changed the channel and watched S&tC reruns instead...but the thought of more Hanson kept me tuning in and took me back to 1996 with just one word.  MmmmBop! 

Hanson now.
Still pretty cute if you ask me. :)

Hanson then.
I definitely had this poster in my room.

I used to rock out to these guys all the time, so seeing them perform last night really made my (otherwise boring) night.  I couldn't believe how much they have all grown up.  Who knew they were all married?  With kids!  Wow.  Then again, I guess we've all changed a lot in fifteen years. 

If you're interested in watching Hanson perform on DWTS last night click here and watch the video.  Do it.  You know you want to. 

Mrs. D


  1. I WAS SO EXCITED! I still love them, the CDs they have come out with in the past few years have been really great and mature. They are performing again tonight. yayyy!

  2. I had no idea they were on DWTS last night or I would have tuned in.

  3. I seeeeriously have a mad crush on Sir Taylor.

  4. My 13-year-old self LOVED Hanson... thanks for the flashback! XO

  5. OMG. I loooooved Hanson. Hilarious.

  6. Ahh, Hanson will ALWAYS have my heart.