Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Monday, Another Weekend Recap

As usual, a weekend recap of Keeneland and Easter via photos I snapped this weekend. 

Mimosa-ing with Nan on Friday.

A Kate Middleton sighting.
Who knew she would be at Keeneland the weekend before her wedding?

Finally got Joy out to Keeneland this spring. :)

Sis got "poofed" by the one & only Pinkloulou when we went to powder our nose.

Cousins in da club(house)!

My Easter loot.  :)
Big thanks to my Momma for the cute new watch
& Aunt Lisa for the adorable basket FULL of awesome goodies!
(yes, my basket had a "born to blog" Christmas ornament.)

This rounds out my Keeneland season.  Saturday was my last day at Keeneland until the Fall Meet.
I hope y'all had a very blessed Easter weekend. 

Mrs. D


  1. ahh love this girl :) great pics! xo

  2. Love your new watch...I saw someone with a white one similar to that just this afternoon! I feel better knowing you got an Easter basket also :)

  3. Cute pics! I really like that new watch too. Glad you had a great weekend! Check out my blog for an adorable giveaway-something to put those cute pics in!

  4. Oh man, my pic made the blog!! I'm so honored and speechless!!

  5. Love the dress in your first picture, I have it too! :)