Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sisterhood Of The Bachelorette Hat

Several years ago, what started as a random prank developed into a sentimental, crazy and fun tradition amongst my best friends.

If you've ever driven on I-75 in the central Florida area you will know the landscaping is pretty much plastered with billboards for one "establishment" in the Micanopy area....over and over again.  This same "establishment" is also pretty close to the Gainesville area, and is often joked about amongst Florida students. 

It was Rachel's Bachelorette weekend.  As she was opening her gifts from the ladies a random white bag was discovered.  The bag simply had "wear me tonight" printed on it in unrecognizable handwriting.  No name in the "from" column.  When Rachel opened the bag, she discovered a (insert sarcasm) lovely camouflage trucker hat from previously mentioned "establishment."  All of us were cracking up in hysterical laughter.  Who had pulled such a prank and delivered the bag to the party unnoticed?  Seriously.  Who did it? 

Rachel was such a good sport about the whole thing and guess what she ended up wearing for her Bachelorette night out....that's right THE HAT.  And this is how it all began. 

Fast forward to my Bachelorette event a year later.  As I'm opening gifts from my friends, wrapped up in pretty little party bags, the last thing on my mind was the hat Rachel had worn.  Much to my surprise, guess what I found waiting for me in one of my gift bags....that's right, THE HAT. 

The next Bride to be to wear our gorgeous hat was Dana.  She acted surprised...but I think she had to know THE HAT was waiting for her in one of those bags. 

On and on the tradition has gone and the hat has been passed down from Bride to Bride.  Kim is our current Bride and her Bachelorette weekend is quickly approaching.  She must realize THE HAT is coming for her too.  After all, it's tradition.  OUR tradition.  No matter how silly and stupid we must look all dressed up with our Bride parading around in a camouflage trucker hat from a particular "establishment", we don't care.  It's just part of the fun.  Something to look back on and laugh at. 

It's the Sisterhood of the Bachelorette Hat.  And it looks so chic too! 
It's officially been worn by Rachel in Jacksonville, me in Atlanta, Dana in Nashville...and it just might make an appearance in Charleston, South Carolina pretty soon.  I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.  :) 

Do you and your friends have fun traditions?  We most certainly do!
The hat is still a mystery all these years later who really brought it to the party.  Was it you?

Mrs. D


  1. What a cute tradition! I'm racking my brain trying to think of our traditions and I cant' come up with I may need to start some :)

  2. All of my high school friends have their initials and wedding date engraved on a LARGE engagement ring paper weight. As each one of us got engaged, the previous bride passed it along!

  3. omg what a GREAT idea! i love this! one thing my friends and i started was doing an 'emergency kit' that we bring to all of our friend's weddings and add our personal emergencies to the kit ;) xo

  4. That is such a fun tradition!!! too funny!!

  5. Love this story! There's a legendary turquoise sequined dress I wore to a sorority formal my sophomore year that I lent out to many friends for different events. When we had a reunion last summer I threw it in my bag at the last moment. When we were all getting ready to go out on Saturday night it came out of the bag and only ONE of us hadn't worn it yet, so of course she had to wear it that night. The dress is also so funny because I bought it in the Nordstroms junior section and everyone who has worn it is very differently sized. It also now has a safety pin holding up one of the straps. ;)

  6. So much fun! If only it were a fabulous hat with a big bow on it fit for the royal wedding... tee hee - just kidding! The fact that it's a camo cap makes it even funnier - what a special tradition among friends! XO

  7. This is hilarious!! We started a similar tradition but with a blank birthday card - a friend was too lazy to write in the card for another friends birthday and since then, it has been passed around and now only holds each girls name... x