Friday, April 01, 2011

Stone Crabs? Yes, Please!

Wednesday evening I had my first stone crab experience.  While I've always heard how amazing stone crabs are, I'm not a huge seafood eater and never wanted to try them previously.  Wow, was I stupid. 

Cooked & ready to be cracked.

Stone crabs are out of this world delicious!  I pretty much only eat two types of seafood...shrimp (I love shrimp but only if it's cooked...shrimp cocktail does nothing for me) and grilled ahi tuna.  I'm always trying my Dad and Mr. D's seafood at home and in restaurants, but I just can't get into it.  It's always yuck to me - unless it's a grilled ahi tuna steak or shrimp.  Well, I found out I like stone crabs on Wednesday night and if I had to guess I probably like all types of shell fish.  (I once had a crab leg and thought it was good too.)  I've definitely been more adventurous lately when it comes to my taste buds.  I used to be the worlds pickiest eater (hence my nickname "Picky Foody" on T's foodie blog) but I'm much better at trying new items now.  :) 

We acquired our stone crabs through a friend of my Dad's.  He drove the lil buggers up from Florida on Wednesday and brought them to Lexington.  Dad must have had a hunch I would like them because he wanted us to stop over at a family friends house (they are the best cooks!) for dinner that night and give them a try.  Well, thanks Dad!  You were right!  On the same night I also discovered I actually like orange peppers.  It's true.  They were in the salad so I gave them a try too.  I need to slow down...two new foods in one night!  Haha. 

Mr. D was in charge of cracking the lil guys open.

Tough work, but he did an excellent job!

Our complete surf & turf dinner.  SO DELISH!

Stone crabs are currently in season, so if you get the chance definitely show them some love at dinner.  You will be glad you did.  Are y'all picky eaters?  If so you should make it your goal to try new things.  It's worked pretty well for me so far. 

Do you have any big plans this weekend?  I have a weekend packed full of fun with my girlfriends and I'm co-hosting a Bridal Shower for Kim tomorrow.  Here's hoping it all goes well and I will have a full recap for y'all next week!  Cheers to a great weekend, y'all!

Mrs. D

PS - I have a post ready for next week with a review of our March Book Club book, Water For Elephants, and I will also announce our April book! 


  1. I am such a picky eater, and def with you on the seafood thing. It just has never tasted very good to me! I might just have to try some stone crab if a fellow picky eater liked them!


  2. Looks great and quite healthy! Thanks for the post!

  3. that dinner looks delicious!!! just finished reading water for elephants - can't wait to hear your thoughts! have a great weekend!

  4. I've never had stone crab!! Sounds amazing, I'm the same! I like shrimp, tilapia and sometimes salmon! I've always wanted to go to Joe's Stone Crab in Miami. Maybe we should make a girls trip!

  5. That actually look delicious. Haven't gotten into the crap faze either. Looks very tempting now.

  6. Stone crab - so very yummy! Reminds me of vacation. Have a great weekend!