Monday, March 28, 2011


For over a year I have been dying to attempt the 'ole southern favorite...a Twelve Layer Cake.  As a cake addict, what could be better than twelve layers of sugary goodness, sandwiched between chocolate frosting.  The Twelve Layer Cake is an old southern recipe and seems to have disappeared a little over the years.  Perhaps it's due to the labor associated with making such a cake?  I don't know the reason; however, I do know I plan to bring this cake back into circulation...IT.IS.AMAZING

I don't know why I've waited so long to attempt this recipe.  Maybe I was intimidated by the numerous layers?  Or because the cake required so much time and work?  What ever the reason, I decided this weekend would be my first attempt and my sister, Tara, was here to help.  Definitely an added bonus to have Tara in the kitchen because she inherited all of Mom's culinary skills and can pretty much do it all.  I certainly owe her a lot of credit for this cake and keeping me sane in the kitchen on Saturday as we whipped up the batter, baked the cakes and made two different kinds of frosting - all from scratch. 

We started with a few of these...(definitely easier than trying to wash cake pans several times)
 Working on the cake batter...
 The cake batter in progress...
 This was the silkiest, most wonderful cake batter I've ever tasted (& yes, I did taste it)!
 Icing #1 in progress, this is the icing used between the layers & also goes around the entire cake.
 Starting the layering process...
 Two layers thick...
12 layers thick & after icing #1 has been spread between each layer & all over & around the cake...
The finished product, after icing #2 has been applied...
Looks delicious doesn't it?  You should smell it! 
I was pretty proud of my cake & channeling my inner Betty Draper, a la Mad Men...
(okay, okay...we were going to a black tie event and I threw my apron on for a pic before we went out the door.  Yes, I'm a huge nerd like this.  What did you really expect?)
Mr. D & I couldn't wait to cut into the cake...
All 12 layers were there & lookin' good...
And this is what we have left at our house...c'mon over & have a piece (or I'll be forced to have another!).

I read a great article about the Twelve Layer Cake and a sweet little old lady in the New York TimesCheck it out and read for yourself

I highly encourage y'all to try making this one yourself.  All your guests will be so surprised when you cut into the cake and SURPRISE! there are twelve layers instead of two or three like they expect.  Just keep in mind, this recipe is a labor of love but OH SO WORTH IT!  You can find a recipe for the Twelve Layer Cake in any old southern cookbook or online by googling the title.  I used the recipe Bakerella suggested and adapted it a little to fit my own needs. 

If you decide to attempt this recipe and have any questions definitely let me know.  One thing I will do differently next time is 1) use a cake board to support the height and weight of all the layers and 2) let the layers cool longer after removing them from the oven.  If the layers aren't cool enough your cake will be wobbly and lumpy looking like mine was.  This was just a learning process and now I know for next time.  :)  The cake may not look as pretty as I wanted...but it tasted absolutely incredible.  I couldn't stay away from it all weekend.  Even Mr. D had rave reviews.  This meant a lot because he doesn't quite share or understand my obsession love for cake and he proclaimed it to be the "best cake he's ever had." 

My name is Mrs. D and I am a cake lover.  I hope you are too!

Mrs. D 


  1. That looks INCREDIBLE, and so impressive! I would eat a slice right now if I could! And you look like a regular Betty Crocker in the pic with you and the cake - that's a keeper!

  2. I am practically drooling looking at these pictures. While this girl loves some 12 layer cake, I can only imagine the disaster that would occur if I attempted baking one. I would be so proud if I were you, not only that you baked this and it turned out well, yet you looked so darn cute while doing it.

  3. That looks amazing! I have never attempted such a task, so cheers to you for making such a delicious-looking cake!

    And, can I have a "Woot!" "Woot!" for the Cats? :)

  4. This looks delicious! I have never attempted a 12 layer cake but am now inspired. :) It's officially on my "things to try" list.

    Love the apron picture, too. SO something I would do (and my fiance would relentlessly laugh at me about).

  5. Wow, this looks so yummy and impressive! I have never done more than a 4 layer cake, but maybe I should try this one! BTW, my mouth is watering!

  6. this looks AMAZING! i'm always up for a good baking challenge and I may need to give this one a try! C's baptism is coming up in just a few months and i'm thinking that MIGHT be the perfect opportunity! ps. you look adorable in your apron!! love love love!

  7. That looks amazeballs. Matthew isn't a big sweets person so I would end up eating it all. :)

  8. this is so impressive! I'm attempting a homemade ice cream cake this week. I say week, because its definitely a long process.

  9. Definitely a cake lover which means I will be trying this recipe. Looks amazing!

  10. Girllll don't be offering unless you mean it. I could swing by on my way home from work tomorrow and help you devour! :)

  11. Oh my, that looks delicious! I love cake too. I'll remember this one for when we have company, it's sure to impress :)

  12. Oh Mrs. D.... I have a treat for you. Have you been to Starbuck's lately? Well, if you haven't you must. I haven't tried one yet b/c I've been trying really hard to resist but I know you are an avid cake lover so you have to try one of these devine little treats. I've only seen them at one location so far though. Enjoy with a warm Cafe Americano! Check it out!!

  13. I wish I was on my way over to have some! ;) This really does look phenomenal, I'll have to try my hand at it soon.