Monday, April 18, 2011

Win, Place or Show!

This weekend was another weekend packed full of Keeneland fun! 
One of our best friends, we'll call him Raffy, came up to Lexington for a long weekend to enjoy a little bluegrass fun and a Saturday at the races.  I always love when I get to introduce our Lexington friends to our Florida friends and this weekend was no exception.  Raffy fit right in and by the end of the weekend everyone was hoping he would 1) extend his vacation and stay longer and 2) pack up and move to the bluegrass. 

Here is a weekend recap, in photos.  :)

The guys during our pre-Keeneland brunch.

The ladies.
Keeneland was freezing, which is why we look like a trench coat mafia.

(these faces may or may not have been after we won some moo-la on a race)

I shared a hug with this beautiful girl...who passed the Bar! Woot.Woot.

We made it out Saturday night in the cold/rain.

And finally got a pic of the guys (after about 4 tries). 

And Mr. D & I went back to Keeneland on Sunday - when the weather was much better.

All in all, it was a great weekend and everyone had a terrific time celebrating Raffy's visit and Katherine's passing of the Bar Exam.  :)  Now onward to one last Keeneland weekend and another visit from a different Florida friend next weekend.  Whoo hoo! 

Hope your weekend was stellar too!

Mrs. D


  1. what great pictures--y'all looked gorgeous! i had a busy and fun weekend too!

  2. You all look fabulous - dapper guys and lovely ladies! Hubby and I were asked to join friends for a Keeneland outing on Sunday, but already had plans that day. Bummer.

  3. Oh NO my drunk butt DID make it in a picture! ahhh! ;) good too see you girly!