Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

Today is my Birthday.  Let us ALL eat some cake!  (Y'all know it's my favorite!)

It's also my Dad's Birthday.  It's a fun day for the two of us to share...and it means even more cake!  :)

Getting older isn't much fun....but all the yummy cake definitely makes it a little easier.  So this post is pretty much just an Ode To Cake.  I love all kinds of cake, but my two most favorite are German Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cake.  OH!  And Funfetti Cake!  Yes, it's perfectly normal to be obsessed with cake and have three different favorites. 

I'm very picky about my cake.  Yes, I am a cake snob.  I admit it.  I love cake so much!  When I decide to sacrifice those calories and eat an entire cake with a fork eat a slice or two, it better be delicious.  I like fresh, yummy, moist cake with fresh icing...but not too much icing.  I like to be able to taste the cake.  And it better not be frozen.  No yucky frozen and thawed cake for me.  See?  I'm a cake snob.  I tried to warn you. 

So, in honor of my favorite holiday (yes, I realize I sound like a child because my Birthday IS a holiday and if you don't believe me then please refer back to this post), let's all go home and HAVE SOME CAKE.  :)

Will you be celebrating with me?  What kind of cake will you be having?  :)

Happy Eating!
Mrs. D


  1. Happy Birthday! and I love a good slice of cake, too :) I hope your day is wonderful and you get something fabulous from Mr. D!

  2. Happy birthday, dear! Hope you have the BEST slice of cake EVER today! xx!

  3. Happy birthday girl!!! Eat all the cake you can!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and Daddyio!! Hmmm, i love me some ice cream cake:)

  5. Happy Birthday from a New Follower!!! PS- Cake/Cupcakes are my absolute weakness & I'm hugely snobby them too :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day and have lots of CAKE (and ice cream)!

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed lots of cake. :)