Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Sky Country, part I

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last week.  I've been in Montana and didn't have service for a good majority of the trip.  Unfortunately, this meant no posting while I was away. 

I will say I was only partially excited to visit Montana; however, after we finally arrived I knew I was in a for a treat.  Montana is gorgeous!  I completely understand why they call it big sky country.  The natural beauty of the state is unbelievable and I think y'all should pack up your wagon right now and head out west for a couple of days. 

Our first stop was Glacier National Park.  OMGorgeous!

We took the "going-to-the-sun road" all the way up to the top, crossed over the Continental Divide at Logan Pass and were able to see all the mountain peaks covered in snow.  Yes.  Snow.  In July.  Crazy, right?  In fact, Montana received so much snow this year the "going-to-the-sun road" only opened a week or so before our trip because the road was too dangerous for cars or hiking and covered with snow.

The mountain at the top of glacier. 

In many places the snow was so high it was over my head. 

D & I taking a pit stop on our way back down the mountain.

By the time we left the park it was late in the evening and we were all starving.  We drove to Polebridge for the night where we were staying at a quaint little Bed & Breakfast about 4 miles from the Canadian border.  Polebridge is a very small area and I didn't see a paved road the entire time I was there.  You also have no Internet access or cell phone service, but the scenery makes up for it.  You can look in all directions and see as far as your eyes will let you (hence the name big sky country). 

The B&B was great!  I highly recommend it!

The Internet donation fund in Polebridge.  Maybe they'll have wifi next time I visit. :)

We had dinner at the only restaurant, the Northern Lights Saloon.  My burger was delish!

Montana was unusual because it doesn't get dark there until after 10:30 PM.  The sun is so high, even at 8:00 PM, you could probably get a sun burn.  It was wild.  The weather during our trip was perfect.  Hot and sunny, around the upper 70s/low80s every day...and at night it would get down to the low 40s.  It was crazy how fast the temperature would drop when the sun was not out, but it was so comfortable to be outside.  There was no humidity and no one was sweating.  It was amazing. 
The only downfall was the bugs.  The mosquito's there are out of control.  We had on thin yoga pants the first two days and they would literally bite your legs through your pants pants.  I had to spray my pants with bug spray, but at that point it was a little too late. 

The rest of the trip was a blast.  We went rafting, skeet shooting, saw some elk and had time to do a little shopping.  Stay tuned for part II of the trip...and just wait until you see what I bought.  I'll give you a was on my "want list." 

Happy Friday and have a delightful weekend!
Mrs. D


  1. I love Montana, and have been a few times. Places like that are so awe-inspiring. Glad you had such a great vacation! :)

  2. Gorgeous! Looks like a fabulous vacation--can't wait to see what you bought!

  3. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! I would never have said Montana is somewhere I want to go, but after seeing your pics, it is on my bucket list to see that part of the country. Gorgeous!

  4. I've been there and it was awesome! Did you see any of the mountain goats?