Monday, August 01, 2011

Big Sky Country, part II

My favorite day in Montana we spent floating down North Fork and the evening shooting skeet in Kalisbell.  The weather was absolutely perfect and it was a fun and relaxing time.  We started our float right at the Canada/Montana border.  

The line in the trees is the United States/Canada border.  (The U.S. is on the left.)

In 2 countries at once.

Ready for floating!

(I know y'all are jealous of my cool neon water shoes, but try to keep it under control.)

We saw deer during our float and I was so excited I managed to snap 10,000 pictures before they disappeared.  Haha!

Taking a break.

Getting closer to the white water. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pics during this part because I was too busy getting soaked by the waves, thanks to my nice friend paddling the boat.


I wasn't a fan of the restrooms.

Y'all ready for some skeet shootin'?

I actually did better than I thought I would and hit about 50%.  It was a BLAST!

The Elk.  They were giant up close. 

Posing in front of the Elk.

And for my big Montana purchase.....guess what I got? 

That's right!  My very own white Stetson!  :)
(I also purchased an adorable pair of moccasin shoes.)

Although, I quickly realized....Kate Middleton, I am not.  Haha!
Remember my post here?  She pulls the cowgirl chic look off way better than I ever will.

I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!  Please go visit Montana soon.  You will love it and be so glad you did.

Mrs. D


  1. LOVE the hat and your makeup looks super pretty too. I can see eyeliner :)

  2. Gorgeous. And I can't wait to see you wear that hat!