Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend was packed full of fun events!  The weekend kicked off with a shower for one of our favorite soon-to-be-wed couples, Nancy & Mike!

Awwww.  :)

It was such a fun party!  Mr. D and I had a wonderful time hanging out with some of our favorite Lexington friends! 

The Bride and her pretty hostesses!

Nancy opening our gift.
(Mint Julep cups.)

Shout out to Betsy for making such an awesome ribbon bouquet!
(I know you're reading...I told you a shout out was coming your way.  Haha.)

Mr. D & the Groom-to-be, a fellow Gator fan!  :)

Elizabeth & Mr. D matched perfectly.
(My Mr. D sure is a snazzy dresser!  Wonder who he gets it from?)

The beautiful Bride!
Can't wait for the New Years Eve nuptials!!!

Saturday I attended the Picnic With the Pops event at Keeneland, featuring the Lexington Philharmonic and the Cuban music group, Tiempo Libre.  Let me just tell you - it was wonderful!  All the tables were decorated with such fun themes, dinner was delicious (I was in charge of dessert for my table so it was red velvet cupcakes), and the music was far and away the best part of the night! 

Lexington Philharmonic on stage.

Keeneland was full of people.  It was a sold out event.

The sunset was gorgeous. (sorry for my crappy picture.)

I loved this table! They really stuck with the "Havana Nights" Cuban theme.
Aren't the cigar box center pieces adorable?

The Bay of Pigs ended up winning best table.

Another cute table.

And another.

Tiempo Libre on stage with the Lexington Philharmonic & everyone is up out of their seats dancing the night away!

You know we had to get some CD's & meet Tiempo Libre after the show.

& I may or may not have had my photo taken with the group after the show.  :)

I can't wait for Picnic with the Pops next year!  I will definitely be there and I plan to host my own table next year.  Now I just need to think of a good theme.  

After all that excitement, Sunday was a lazy day by the pool with Mr. D and friends.  We were exhausted and the rest was much needed. 
Sorry I'm a little late in posting this week.  It's been a little busy around here, but I hope y'all have had a happy one.  Oh!  If you're looking for some fun salsa music and Cuban beats, check out Tiempo Libre!  You'll love them! 

Mrs. D


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love both of your dresses :)


  2. I know your friend Betsy through a good friend of mine from grad school. Small world! :)

  3. I remember when my parents used to go every year and they would have their themed tables and dress up! I'm not sure why they quit doing it, but I can't believe we are old enough to do the stuff my parents did! haha

  4. ahhh what a great weekend girl :) looks like a great time! xo cute blog by the way!

  5. How fun!!! and I love the name of your blog!!

    your newest follower :)

    follow me back? XOXO