Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transitioning My Wardrobe

As much as I try to ignore it, summer is almost over.  While I love the fall; fall fashion, college football, Keeneland, boots, leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, etc. I absolutely dread and despise what comes next.  Winter.  Ugh. *Shudder*

Soon it will be time to pack away all the fun summer dresses and shoes and make room in my closet for boots and sweaters.  Lately I've been on the lookout for cute dresses I can wear during the "transition" period.  You know, the time of year where it's technically fall but it's hotter than all blazes outside and you know seersucker or a summery pattern would look silly.  Believe it or not, the Keeneland fall meet is usually hotter than the Keeneland spring meet.  I've been trying to find some cute dresses to wear throughout this stage that don't scream "I'm at the beach on a beautiful summer afternoon" and I've actually had quite a bit of luck (especially on the clearance racks!).  :) 

First, I stumbled upon a gorgeous Nanette Lepore dress at a local boutique, which was perfect because I had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket.  The Violetta dress is my favorite recent purchase because it is a pretty cream color and can be worn year round.  It will look great with cute heels now, boots in the fall, and tights and heels in the winter. 

Nanette Lepore - Violetta.

At the same boutique, I found this lovely orange Tory Burch dress for a fraction of the retail price.  Perfect for summer and fall - even better for game day!  GO GATORS!  (I can't seem to own enough orange and blue apparel.)

Tory Burch - Verbena.

The last time RueLaLa was featuring Lilly Pulitzer I took full advantage of the discounted price when I saw the silk Mallory dress in the Big Bang pattern.  I love the colors, pattern and sleeves.  (btw, if you aren't already a member you definitely need to sign up for RueLaLa.  Mr. D and I have had wonderful luck with their site over the last 3 years.  If you're not already taking advantage of RueLaLa, sign up now or you're missing out.)
Lilly Pulitzer - Mallory.

And for the perfect transitional shoe, how about this black wedge espadrille pump by (my personal favorite) Kate Spade.  I bought these ages ago when Kate Spade had their seasonal sample sale and I love them.  A perfect shoe at a perfect price.  It doesn't get much better than that. 
Kate Spade - Wish.

It's taken me all summer to collect these pieces, but I must say, I'm pretty pumped about them (and surprised by my own patience to find the perfect pieces for me). 

Have y'all found any great items for the upcoming summer to fall transition time?  Please fill me in and don't forget to check those clearance racks!  Happy Shopping, y'all!
(Please tell me I'm not the only one hoping summer weather never ends.)

Mrs. D



  1. In case you didn't know.....if your friends sign up under your link they should get $10 credited to their account within 48 hours! <3

  2. LOVE the Tory Burch dress! Zara also has a bunch of orange and blue stuff all the time. Gets me excited!

  3. Great deal on the lovely Tory Burch dress - and I love those Kate Spade espadrilles!

  4. I found perfect kate spade wedges on sale at a local boutique recently and jumped on the purchase! They are perfect now and will transition me into football season as they are black and gold (go commodores!).