Sunday, January 30, 2011

AMAZEBALLS! (weekend recap, part III)

A week ago today Lou, T and Shaan were still in the bluegrass visiting with us.  It was their last day in Lexington and the five of us spent most of the day just hanging out and watching movies together.  Mr. D, along with some help from Lou, cooked a Keeeentucky breakfast for us while jammin' out to Master P's greatest hits.  Nothing like a little "Make 'Em Say UHHHHHHH" while sipping on mimosa's and frying some bacon.  

Lou & Mr. D cookin' our Kentucky breakfast while jammin' to Master P.

Mr. D rappin' along to Make 'Em Say Uhhhhh. 
He thinks Master P is a poet.  

After breakfast Mr. D built us a cozy fire in the fireplace and we all settled in to watch The Town.  We loved the movie!  If you haven't already seen it I highly recommend watching it.  It had a little bit of everything...drama, action, romance, humor.  Not to mention Ben Affleck looks reeeeally good in this one (even though I'm usually partial to my Mad Men hottie John Hamm, who is also in this movie, Benny boy definitely deserves the eye candy award for this movie).  

Great movie.  Definitely one to watch.

Later in the afternoon Shaan, Lou and I decided to take advantage of all the snow and go sledding...or sledging, as Shaan calls it.  (Mr. D and I learned lots of English words while Shaan was with us.  Apparently in England it's called a "sledge" and you would go "sledging" in the snow...not sledding.)  We wanted Mr. D and T to come with us but unfortunately those two were feeling a bit under the weather after all their fun the previous night, so it was just the three of us for sledding.  

Shaan & I getting ready to go on our first run down the hill.

Lou & Shaan's turn.

Action shot.

Sledging with Shaan & Lou!

Finally after our toes were good and frozen and our stomach's were growlin' it was time to head back to the house and defrost before our last dinner together.  After dinner we decided we'd take it easy with another movie and some more chatting before calling it a night.  We watched Charlie St. Cloud.  It was a completely different type of movie than The Town but it was good...and Zac Efron looked amazing (which made me feel like a creepy old lady because he's so young).  Charlie St. Cloud was entertaining and worth adding to your NetFliz queue or renting from Red Box...but not as thrilling as the Town - so if you're only planning on watching one of them definitely go with the Town.  

Last Monday morning the vacation was over.  Mr. D and I had to go back to work and our friends left.  :(  I was definitely sad for our reunion to be over but it was great to have a couple days to spend together.  Spending time with old friends really puts things into perspective and makes me realize how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.  

Nine and half years ago fate brought Lou, T and I together while on a different continent...but here we are all these years later...still getting together and as close as ever.  I'm so thankful God put these amazing guys in my life and even happier Mr. D and Shaan are now a part of our special friendship.  
Thanks Lou, T and Shaan for coming to visit us and let's hurry and start planning our next holiday!  

Mrs. D


  1. The sledding pictures look like SO much fun! I have to admit that I have loved all of the snow we have got this winter. The town is an amazing movie, I absolutely love it and Charlie St. Cloud isn't my typical movie but I loved it as well! =)

  2. I absolutely LOVED the Town!!! I can't believe I never saw it in the theater!

  3. Just came across your blog its super cute! Excited to follow it. I just started a blog of my own! I loved the movie the Town but was really hoping for a happy love story ending but that wouldn't have been true to the movie either I guess!