Monday, January 31, 2011

Would You Like To Join Us For Dinner?

Last Friday night Mr. D and I decided to hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was cold out and the parking lot looked pretty crowded so Mr. D dropped me off at the door and I ran in.  There was a small wait for a table so I put our name on the list and settled in near the door.  Across from me sat a nice looking couple, probably around the age of our parents, and we started chatting as we waited for a table.  For this story we shall call the couple Mr. & Mrs. Nice.

Soon after we started chatting Mr. & Mrs. Nice went to sit at their table while Mr. D and I waited for ours (we were next on the list).  A few moments later Mrs. Nice appeared and asked Mr. D and me if we would like to join them for dinner.  Kinda surprised, yet intrigued and not wanting to hurt their feelings, we replied "Sure!" and went to sit with them in the back of the restaurant. 

Mr. & Mrs. Nice turned out to be Mr. & Mrs. Super Nice!  He is an Emergency Room Doctor while she spends her days being a Mom and volunteering with their church.  Mr. Nice's hobby is flying planes and he has five planes which he flies regularly - four of which are old WWII planes.  Cool, right?  All of their kids live in Los Angeles and one of them is a musician (and his songs are actually on iTunes, which makes him legit in my opinion).

We went to dinner thinking it was just going to be a typical Friday night and ended up meeting two new people.  Dinner was super fun and Mr. & Mrs. Super Nice insisted on paying for our dinner.  Before parting ways they gave us their personal copy of their son's CD.  We listened to parts of the album on the short drive home and immediately realized his tunes are right up our alley.  Both Mr. D and I can appreciate a wide variety of music and Reese Richardson will definitely be making an appearance on our iPod's.  Reese's music has a southern, rocky, soul kind of sound with just a tinge of bluegrass mixed in.  It's kinda chill, fun - yet relaxing music...I would compare him to Amos Lee or Ben Harper (two of my favorites - ya know, when I'm not listening to Britney Spears, Kings of Leon, Michale Buble or my GLEE soundtrack).

Reese Richardson & The Old Earth
(photo via)

I really encourage you to visit Reese's website and check out a sampling of his music on iTunes.  I also encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then.  Talk to a stranger.  You never know who you're going to meet! 

(If any of you in the Lexington area know Reese's family can you please send me an email...Mr. D and I would like to send them a thank you card for treating us to dinner.)

Mrs. D


  1. Wow,that's such an out of the ordinary dinner tale. We just went to this new (well new to us)Mexican resturant off Nicholasville Road. It's like a total hole in the wall. It's kind of behind Taco Bell and Simpson Optical. Alright, now I'm craving Mexican at 10 am. Happy Monday!

  2. Britt! I love this story, it's so neat!

  3. I could almost bet you were at Hacienda! It's the best Mexican in Lexington and there is ALWAYS a wait (well worth the wait!). That is such a great "Pay It Forward" story.

  4. I love this, what a perfect Friday night. They seem extremely nice, but it also says a lot about you as well. :) Can't wait to check out that music.

  5. What a fabulous story! It's so nice to run into friendly strangers!!!

  6. What a lovely encounter, I like hearing stories full of kindness