Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Recommended Reading of IRL Friends

Just thought I would high-light several awesome bloggers I'm friends with "in real life," as Mr. D would say.  (Side note: Mr. D likes to refer to the blog world as my imaginary world; however, because we actually know these people IRL they are part of our real world and not my imaginary world.)
The blog Passport Foodie is written by one of my best friends for (nearly) the last 10 years.  Passport Foodie follows the restaurant adventures of T, my travel, food and photography obsessed friend.  Hopefully, you recognize T from some earlier posts on my blog...and you can read a foodie review from his recent trip to Lexington (to visit yours truly, aka Picky Foodie) here.

L to R: Simple Foodie, Picky Foodie & Passport Foodie.

Angie Away is a travel inspired blog following one of my sorority sisters (shout out to my fellow Delta's!) as she travels around the world.   Seriously...who doesn't want to follow along and live vicariously through Angie like I have been these last few weeks.  Her experiences thus far have been amazing as she travels to new lands, meets new people, worships with the locals and samples the cuisine.  

I've known Nicole from A Nicole For Your Thoughts for probably 15 years now and I love reading and keeping up with Nicole through her blog.  She's adorable and writes a mega cute blog full of her daily musings, celebrity gossip and a lil of her personal life.  Basically, it's Nicole's two cents on many different areas of pop culture.  

Many, many years ago I used to perform in a showchoir-esque setting with Britney from Dave and Brit Plus One, but we had lost touch...big thanks to the online community for bringing us back together when she began her blogging journey a couple of years ago.  Brit is the author of a super cute and hysterical blog about her life as a stay-at-home to her cute daughter, K, and I was able to catch up and read about what Brit has been doing all these years.  

Last, but certainly not least, my Lexington Ladies!  There's Katherine of Just Lovely...who I wouldn't have ever met without her lovely blog.  Just Lovely is one of the first blogs I ever started reading and I used to sit at my computer and think "Just Lovely and I would be great friends!"  Little did I know we would meet, hit it off and become inseparable.  Just Lovely tells the story of Katherine's many DIY projects, daily thoughts, exciting weekends, dream wedding inspiration, fashion finds, etc.  You name it and Katherine blogs it!  
Katherine is also credited with introducing me to two of my other Lexington Ladies...Chelsea from Meant To Be Happy and Lauren from Lifestyles Of The Rich At Heart And Not So Famous.  These three girls are incredible friends and I'm so thankful to have them in my life!  Rounding up my Lexington Ladies is my Sister Puffin, Alaka, of Love Always, Alaka.  Chelsea, Lauren and Alaka are all new to the blogging world (like me) but are great reads and should not be left off your list.

These next two photos are of my Lexington ladies.  Unfortunately Alaka was taking the first photo and so she is not in it with us.  :(  But I'm posting one with her in it too so none of the LL are left out. 

L-R: Lauren, me, Katherine & Chelsea.

Do y'all have any must read blogs to share with me?  Hopefully, you'll love my recommendations and follow them all.  Don't forget to tell them Mrs. D sent you! 

Happy Reading!
Mrs. D


  1. I have to say thank you so much for the blog shout out. I am so glad you're my blogging buddy now. I've been slacking lately with work and school but I'll be sure to get back into it and pick it up asap. Love your blog!!

  2. BTW... I can't believe its been 15 years!

  3. I'm DYING laughing from the first paragraph. I refer to my fellow bloggers as my blog friends and I use it in a sentence all the time, like "one of my blog friends said this"...and then my husband will ask if I even know their first name. Hopefully soon we won't have to just be "imaginary" and "blog" friends...hmmm, I should prob find you on facebook so we can be "fb" friends too!

  4. B - You are such an amazing friend! This is why I love you - you are so great at making all of your friends feel special:) I love how easy it is now to stay in touch with old friends, there are no excuses these days! And I love how fate brought us together on Derby Day!! :) all of our 1 year anniversary is coming up.

  5. Ummm, I just read your last comment about MKA on my post and I'm in shock. I have found ONE other person in Lexington that knew her. I've gone to her book signing in Lex twice and last year was on my birthday!!! I read Blue Christmas EVERY Christmas!!! And her new book comes out June 7th!! My fingers are crossed she comes back this year!! Maybe I'll have someone to go with instead of dragging Brian again.

  6. Great post!! I love everything you have in here- :D

  7. I'm so glad we had a Derby Party and you all came! You are so sweet for mentioning me in your post as one of you new besties! (but I hate that picture of me..gag...) Can't wait to make more lasting memories! Love you!