Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How We Rang In the New Year

Yes I realize this post is a few days late; however, I had to get my blog up and running before I could post.

Mr. D and I recently traveled to Florida to ring in the New Year and attend a dear friend’s wedding on New Year’s Day. 
On New Year’s Eve we made plans to meet up with Danielle and Coach.  The four of us had a lovely time and enjoyed a great dinner at Bistro Aix in Jacksonville.  Let me just tell y’all…Danielle and Coach are too cute!  Mr. D and I could not have had a better time.  I love meeting real life blogger friends.  :) 

Danielle & I on New Years Eve.
Ready to ring in the new year.

On New Years Day the four of us were all guests at the same wedding.  Small world, right?  Jeremy and Megan got married in Jacksonville and everything was beautiful!  We have known Jeremy for years and he is an old college friend from our days at Florida (GO GATORS!). 
Big Congrats to Jeremy & Megan!  Wishing you nothing but happy days in your future together! 

Mr. D & I at the wedding.

With the beautiful Bride & Groom.

With our new friends, Danielle & Coach.
(Mr. D calls them our "IRL" friends...he's a dork like that.)

Seeeee....isn't she adorable?

Gorgeous cake.

The Bride & Groom were so happy it was contagious.

Danielle was right...our guys got along great!

It was a great weekend in Jacksonville and I can't think of better people to have spent our New Year's with.  I'm so happy I was finally able to meet Danielle and Mr. D and I are looking forward to a visit from Danielle and Coach in March.  :) 

How did y'all spend your New Year?  Any special traditions? 

Cheers to you & yours! 
Best Wishes in 2011,
Mrs. D


  1. aaaaahhhh!!! love these!!!! CUTEEEEEEE BLOG!!!!!
    Glad you finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!