Friday, January 07, 2011

Just When I Think I Can't Be Any More In Love...

Just when I think I can’t be any more in love with Timmy Tebow….I watch the ESPN documentary Tim Tebow: Everything In Between last night.  WOWZA!  The boy is hotttttttttttttttttt!  Lets forget for a moment his amazing athletic ability, his strong Christian faith and values, his Heisman award, his National Championship rings (yes, RINGS…as in plural), his record breaking career with the Florida Gators, his pledge, the lofty paycheck he received for signing first round with the Denver Broncos…..lets forget all of this for a moment and just ogle this fine specimen of a man. 

If you’re still reading I highly recommend you check out the ESPN documentary Tim Tebow: Everything In Between when it airs again.  Click here to watch a trailer for the documentary. 
I mean, can you not like him?  Who cares what college team or NFL team you cheer for...who cares if you're a male or a could not like this guy and want to cheer him on!!! 
If you ask me, the world needs MORE TIM TEBOW's and fewer Terrell Owens.   

And remember...

Mrs. D
(Mr. D is lucky he scooped me up when he did...otherwise I might be Mrs. T!  Haha.)

Credit: First 7 images to GQ magazine.  If you would like to read the Sept 2009 article (and I highly recommend you do) Does God Have a Tim Tebow Complex please click here. 


  1. need to comment. :) I don't care what you think/say. Timmy is perfect in every way!

  2. Thank you for the eye candy. I needed that!!