Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wanted: Hunter Wellies

I have been lusting after a pair of Hunter brand wellies for quite some time.  I've waited and waited and it's finally time for me to pull the trigger and order my pretties.  However, this presents a minor huge problem because I can't decide on a boot style/color to save my life. 
Do I go with the original style tall wellies?  Or the fun, new wedge style? 
I love the functionality of the original style...but the wedge has a dressy look I love.  I just worry the wedge heel won't be as practical...

Original tall vs. wedge heel....? 

And then....what color?  How can I choose one color when they're all so awesome! 
I love the bright, shiny red ones...they seem to say "Hello, I'm fun!"  But I also love the look of classic and chic black, navy and chocolate brown. 

Hello, I'm fun! 

See my dilemma? 
I plan to order my Hunter wellies from Nordstrom's so I can use my EBates and earn some money back.  :) 
Of course, I won't forget any of the cute Hunter wellie socks!  Both the cable knit sock and the grizzly sock are on my list. 

Cable Knit Sock.

Grizzly Sock.

Do any of you have Hunter wellies?  Do you like them?  Any advice for me?  What style and color would you recommend???  Please help.

Mrs. D

Queen Elizabeth in her Hunter wellies.
If they're good enough for the Queen of England...they're good enough for me!

(All images courtesy of Google.) 


  1. LOVE! I just got the original tall in shiny gray from Santa! And the cream cable socks and zebra fleece socks. Love them so much that I want to wear them everyday!
    I hadn't seen the wedge until now but they are cute!

  2. I love the original ones in red!

  3. Ok, I would HAVE to get the red ones. I just couldn't resist!! I loooovvvve red anything.

  4. Love them...not sure if I'll ever be able to commit to a color!

  5. Which ones did you decide on? I've wanted some for ages and I know when the day comes for me to finally get a pair, I will have a hard time deciding on style/color as well!

  6. Go with the classic style in RED! So fun.