Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Why Home Is Where The Hart Is.....and The Cast.

Why Home Is Where the Hart Is some of you may ask?  For as long as I can remember the age old saying "home is where the heart is" has been drilled into my lil southern head.  I never really appreciated and fully understood those words until I got older and felt the heartache of being away from "home."  Then I realized home truly is where my heart is. 
"Home" changed a little bit for me in summer 2009 when I married my best friend and we moved into our home together.


The Cast

Me!  Mrs. D

My bestest friend, Mr. D
He makes my heart smile.  :)
Our perfect pooch, McGruff
He's a dappled mini dachshund and the best snuggler I've ever met! I've formally introduced all of us to all of you.  :)  Don't be a stranger! 
Y'all come back now!  Ya hear? 

Photo credit to the oh so talented Melissa Schollaert for the first 3 photos in this blog entry.  Seriously y'all...if you ever need a photographer she's your gal! 
I can not say enough wonderful things about her.  


  1. What a cute blog title :) And your MR looks like mine is his bowtie :) I can't wait to follow your journey!

  2. I love those pictures of your "cast"! Can't wait for your future posts!!

  3. Woohoo! So excited to follow along, loving the blog!